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Becoming Mollymauk: Painting Bodysuits and Arm Socks

One of my favorite costumes in recent memory is Mollymauk Tealeaf from Critical Role! He’s such a beautiful character and I love how much creativity there is when it comes to being him

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Comfortable Colored Tights for Men do Exist

Our Style# 1008 – Plus Sized Nylon/Lycra Tights is an all time favorite, we have heard of five and even eight years of them holding up

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Critical Role – Nott the Brave Tutorial

Samantha submitted a cosplay tutorial for their Nott the Brave from Critical Role that shows off how to make everything, from armsocks in the right green skin tone to creating Nott’s porcelain mask (hint, it’s not actual porcelain, ...

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Opaque Tights in a Wide Variety of Colors and Sizes

If you are reading this perhaps you are looking for colorful legwear and that means you are in the right place

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Veux Magazine – June 2018

Publication: Veux Magazine, June 2018 Styling: New York Couture Photography: Lindsey Alicia Banks We Love Colors Style Featured: Style# 1001 – Solid Color Tights in Gold Check out other creative editorials styled wit ...

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Voni Studio – July 2018

Designer: Voni Studio Stylist: Veronica Lee Photography: Nicholas Needham We Love Colors Styles Featured: Style# 1001 – Solid Color Tights in Light Pink Style# 1053 – Nylon/Lycra Microfiber Tights in Red Style# 1431 – Fis ...

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Donald Pliner – The Art of Fun – SS2018

Campaign: Donald Pliner, The Art of Fun, SS2018 Stylist: Rachel Gilman Photography: Karen Collins Talent: Susanne Knipper We Love Colors Style Featured: Style# 1001 – Solid Color Tight ...

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Le Mile Magazine Issue 24-January 2018

Publication: Le Mile Magazine SS18 Issue 24 Date Published: January 2018 Stylist: Nicholas Mackinnon Photographer: Alex Black We Love Color Style: Style# 1001: Nylon Tights Colors Featured: White, Scarlet Red, Baby Blue Show ...

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Elle Girl – October 2002

Publication: Elle Girl Date Published: October 2002 Story: Glow in the Dark Stylist: Kellen Photography: Andrew Mcleod We Love Colors Styles Featured: Style# 1001 – Nylon Tights Style# 1401- Nylon/Lycra Fishnets Style# 1201 – Black ...