Comfortable Colored Tights for Men do Exist

Above model Eric Puzio shot by Terry Tsiolis for Vogue Hommes Japan wearing We Love Colors tights.

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Here at We Love Colors we believe in love, unity, and the freedom to express your unique self through the use of color. That’s why we have created our tights’ styles to be unisex, for all to enjoy! Below we have created a helpful guide to our Mens’ Tights styles to help you pick the right one for wherever life takes you.

First let’s talk about our Style# 1023 – Plus Sized Mens Tights. Although these are labeled “Plus-Sized” we have created this style to include a size to suit every body size. We are proud to offer sizes from Medium to 8X in this style. When looking at the size chart, it’s good to remember that with hosiery what material is not used height-wise will be compensated for width-wise, so even when the tights look tiny they may just conform to your body in way that for sure you wouldn’t expect.
The panty and the legs on Style# 1023 are the same opacity from waist to toes, and the line that divides the leg portion from the panty is a ribbed band. This doesn’t affect the fit. It is only for manufacturing purposes and tells the machine when to start knitting the leg and when to stop knitting the panty. The denier on these is 70, and the knitting is tight, plus Style# 1023 has spandex which makes it adapt a really well to each unique body and have memory after hours of wear or washing them. For your comfort, we have not included a gusset in this style.

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Our Style# 1008 – Plus Sized Nylon/Lycra Tights is an all time favorite, we have heard of five and even eight years of them holding up. This nylon and spandex style has a denier of 70 on the leg with full opacity, its’ composition and they way they are constructed gives you a custom fit based on your unique shape. The panty area is a 50 denier, sheerer than the leg and the waistband goes up really high on your torso. This particular yarn is very soft against your skin.
The footless version is our Style# 1041 – Nylon Lycra Footless Tights. It features a soft ½ inch thick band at the ankle which keeps the tights securely in place without being tight or constricting. This style is available in 4 sizes fitting those from 4’11” up to 6’ tall and up to 375 lbs. The footless feature of this style makes it great for wear during the warmer months, athletic activities, performance, and more!

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Our Style# 1053 Microfiber Tights have been ranked at the top of its’ category several times, competing against tights priced over $35. Being durable, soft, and for sure the widest range of colors on the market are just some of the attributes to highlight.
This other all time favorite Style# 1053 is used by many dancers, theaters, productions, school plays, costume departments, acrobats, cosplayers, fashion magazines, and of course worn year after year as everyday wear without runs. This style is also made without a gusset but our sizes 1x-8x do have panel, which men often wear to the front for more comfort, support and coverage.
These tights are 80 denier, which is only 10 more than the styles mentioned above, but the little nylon microfibers make this style the softest, stretchiest, and most durable of all. These are made “in one piece”. The tighter knitting turns Style# 1053 into the most opaque pair of tights We Love Colors offers. For those who wonder, yes! They do cover tattoos and leg hair.
The footless version is our Style# 1025 – Microfiber Footless Tights

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We left for last our Style# 1061 – Performance Tights as they are in a category of their own amongst its’ footless version Style# 1047 – Footless Performance Tights .
These extremely durable and high quality performance tights have graced the stages of Broadway musicals, national ballet companies, sports arenas, and many costume contests! Made in USA from a soft blend of 80% Nylon and 20% spandex, these tights become a second skin on your body while allowing for optimum stretch so your movements are never limited.These tights are completely opaque and the absolute thickest style we offer at We Love Colors. It has a glossy finish without being super shiny. This sheen brings out the full color potential of the tights when under stage lights or in the sun. It has a comfortable 3/4 ” elastic waistband that doesn’t roll.
Unlike other We Love Colors’ styles, 1061 and 1041 are cut and sew garments and feature a very thin and almost imperceptible inseam and a front and back seams in all sizes. No panel or gusset at all.
Both styles are available in sizes Small to XX-Large fitting those 5’4” to 6’4” and up to 235 lbs.

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