We Love Colors Color Palettes

With great joy we here at We Love Colors have been making colors for you for over 15 years from sunny Miami, Florida. We understand the difficulties with color presentation online and print. We also know that in a color name comes with it preconceived ideas based on our our individual experience.

We intend to build more tools to help communicate our color offering better, this resource is one of them. Below you will find groupings of similar shades we offer and we have combined them with what we have found to be the best hex color representation.

Hexadecimal color value is digital expression of color. Usually using format #RRGGBB where RR represents red, GG the green, and BB the blue values within a color.

If you are more familiar with Pantone colors, you can search “hex to pantone” to find online conversion tools.

We hope you find this helpful! We appreciate your support, and your feedback is welcome. Thank you, We Love Colors