Opaque Tights in a Wide Variety of Colors and Sizes

If you are reading this perhaps you are looking for colorful legwear and that means you are in the right place. Welcome to We Love Colors! We have been in the textile dyeing industry for 15 years now. Yeah! That’s a lot. We started this world of colors back in 2002 offering people a rainbow of possibilities for them to create, explore, be themselves and in two words be happy! We have put together our 2 different types of tights in this article so you can compare their characteristics and decide for yourself what works best for you and/or your projects.

The colors are the same across all of our products. Shades may slightly vary due to the garment composition. None of our tights are control top and fit both male and female bodies.

Let’s start with our Style# 1023: nylon/spandex blend. These tights come in 9 different sizes. Medium and Tall and seven plus sizes.
The panty and the legs on Style# 1023 are the same opacity from waist to toes. The line that divides the leg portion from the panty is a ribbed band. This doesn’t affect the fit. It is only for manufacturing purposes and tells the machine when to start knitting the leg and when to stop knitting the panty.
The denier on these is 70 and the knitting is tight, plus Style# 1023 has spandex which makes it adapt a really well to each unique body and have memory after hours of wear or washing them. They will always go back to their original form.

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And last but not least, our Style# 1053: Microfiber tights have ranked at he top of its’ category several times, competing against tights priced over $35. Being durable, soft, and of course the widest range of colors on the market are just some of the attributes to highlight.
The all time favorite Style# 1053 is used by many dancers, theaters, productions, school plays, costume departments, acrobats, cosplayers, fashion magazines, and of course worn year after year as everyday wear without runs. We have been told that they’re even kitten proof and that’s a lot to say!
These tights are 80 denier, which is only 10 more than our other styles, but the little nylon microfibers make this style the softest, stretchiest, and most durable of all. These are made “in one piece”. There is no line dividing the panty and the leg and since 2017 we also offer the plus size version of this style fitting up to 8X. The tighter knitting turns Style# 1053 into the most opaque pair of tights We Love Colors offers. For those who wonder, yes! They cover tattoos.

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