The Best Plus Sized Tights are Colorful,Soft, Opaque and Durable

Style# 1053 in plus sizes is the newest addition to We Love Colors’ catalog, it’s made of very thin nylon microfibers which makes it the softest of all 3 plus size options. It comes in 2 sizes and both of them have a panel that you can either wear to the front or back.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When buying hosiery don’t let your eye fool you, even when the tights may look tiny laying flat you won’t be able to know if they actually fit and if you like the color until you actually try it on. Nylon/ Spandex magic at its best.

“Right out of the package Style# 1053 has a wider waistband but a shorter waist. I usually wear Style# 1008 and those could easily come up OVER my entire bust (and sometimes I do walk around the house like that because it’s funny), though I generally nest them under my boobs and bra, but this pair hit at my mid-waist. I find this preferable to dealing with a bunch of extra material because I’m just 5’5? and my usual nylon/spandex tights (Style# 1008) end up pooling at my ankles over time due to my lack of vertical mass. These tights were easy to put on, and the most comfortable to wear. I didn’t dread needing to use the bathroom which is a clear sign of a good outfit.
This yellow pair wasn’t a threat at all and now I’m afraid I’ll have to replace my entire collection with this style now that I know it exists. Who knew that those tiny lil yarns made such good tights?!” – Allison

“Trying the 1053s made me feel like I was putting on a space suit. They are very stretchy in the legs and waist and conforms to body contours well. The seam on the waistband is very comfy and doesn’t roll or slip, and the seams on the toes are almost invisible. The waistband comes just above my belly button, which was very comfortable.
Other things to note: These are definitely the most opaque option, getting you the closest to the truest color, and you are going to wish all your clothes were made out of this material.” – Mary

“These tights are super stretchy, durable, and opaque. They’re exactly what I look for in a pair of tights. I want tights that are snug, smoothing, and almost function as shapewear through the stomach, hips, and thighs. I also like that these tights are ultra-opaque and don’t lose that quality as they stretch. Some tights go sheer or get patchy with the color saturation when they’re stretched out tight, but not these. You get a uniform opacity from top to toe. Because these are so stretchy and cling tightly to the body, I didn’t have any issue with things rolling down or sagging. They also seem incredibly durable and like they’ll stand up to repeated wear. Highly recommend and well worth the price” – Liz

“We Love Colors has come out with a new blend for their tights, and it’s always reported that they are even softer, stretchier, and more comfortable than the old blend (Style# 1008). I can say with utmost certainty this is true! I had already thought the older make of WLC tights were comfortable, but as soon as I slipped these on and experienced the smooth fit of this new generation of tights, I was sold. I need a pair in every color!” – Kristina

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happy fierce plus size redhead woman wearing glasses leopard print dress red tights lace up boots @hazardouswaist wearing Style# 1023 in Scarlet Red.

We added our Style# 1023 on late 2016 with the purpose of having an option for both petite and tall plus sized people that also want to be bold, fun and expressive. Keep an eye on the height range as that will help you decide what’s the best size for you, also it is important to know that this style has less stretch than the other two styles due to the wider size options.

“These plus size tights are opaque and soft, but they’re not as elastic or stretchy as the microfibers. I like a snugger fit. I did experience some rolling down at the waist and some sagging around the knees and ankles. They’re more of your basic, classic tight and they’re also a less expensive than the other two options. – Liz

“This pair of tights has the most structure and least amount of stretch, but even so it’s definitely still stretchy and plenty comfortable enough to sit down and move around in. The panty line is barely noticeable. I’d give the total comfort level an 8/10.” – Mary

women sitting on a bed wearing mint green tights surrounded by stuffed animals

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Plus Size woman smiling wearing a neon pink dress and yellow tights @glitterandlazers wearing Style# 1008 in Yellow.

Our style# 1008 has been our plus size best selling item for years. We have heard of customers that have had theirs for over 5 years without a run and we are proud of it! These have a different denier on the panty area, making it more stretchy, it adapts to every-body.

“This pair of tights is incredibly stretchy all throughout the waist, hips, and thighs. They start out as a close fit to the body, but they can potentially fall down towards your ankles throughout the day. The comfort level of these is a 9/10. I find that the waistband is a little more likely to dig in a bit when you’ve been sitting for longer periods. There is no visible panty line. The waistband comes up very high on these tights, allowing for longer legs. On me, it comes up to almost my bra line (I’m wearing a size E). These tend to slide down a little throughout the day, but easy to readjust. The panel is very wide and allows extra stretch for larger waists. I’ve noticed the type of yarn these tights are made of tend to collect more lint than other tights.”– Mary

Other Reviews on Style# 1008:

“I have been wearing We Love Colors tights for years and I love them. I wear size E and they tend to bag a bit on the ankles for me but other than that I have no problem with them. I will wear the same pair of tights for years. I’ve never had a pair of tights last longer than a season, one year at the most. But these tights kept about 98% of their elasticity and didn’t run, even when I was clumsy enough to poked holes through them with my thumbs as I was pulling them on. I wore them for probably three or four years, until they stared to discolor around my feet before I finally bought a couple of new pairs. They didn’t lose their color over time and they didn’t bleed in the wash and turn all my other clothes purple. Plus their customer service is super responsive.” -Snowshoecat

“Despite the fact that I managed to put one of my talons through the butt of my tights this morning as I pulled them up over my hips, I must say that I am amazingly impressed with the wear of these tights by We Love Colors . These are sized by letter (A/B-EE) and will fit a person starting at 4’11” and 160lbs up to 6’ tall and 375lbs (though with the mega stretch, they might even go bigger than that!). I promptly sprayed the hole on my bum with hairspray, and was ecstatic that the run didn’t move at all all day (they may even hold up as a spare pair come winter time when I need to wear two!). They have a fairly high waist which doesn’t roll over or constrain like a queen size control top, but rather feels natural- but not loose! I didn’t find myself scrunching and adjusting all day like with most department store brand tights. No crotch sag, no burn lines from too-tight waist bands, and no knee bunches.” – Aggie

plus size woman blogger walking down the streets wearing a monochromatic maroon outfit

Above: @withwonderandwhimsy wearing Style# 1008 in Maroon.

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Below: @tonsablush reviewing We Love Colors Tights.

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