How to make Armsocks

To make armsocks using a sewing machine, you have to be very careful. For those who aren’t very confident with hand sewing, this may be a better option, however it is still a difficult task. This tutorial was made using We Love Colors microfiber tights, to ensure bright pigmentation, and a color matching or similar enough thread.

To start, turn the tights inside out and cut off the end of the toes. Draw and cut out an outline of your relaxed hand on cardboard down to the wrist and gently insert it into the open toe, thumb facing the crotch of the tights, leaving a small amount of the fabric above the middle finger.

Carefully pin around the fingers starting from where the top the nail ends on the outside of the pinky or thumb. Use a close straight stitch and sew along the fingers two to three times to make sure there are no holes and they are very secure.

Cut the webbing between the fingers out, try to not leave too much excess to prevent any bumps or malformation in the seams. Turn them right side out, try them on and check to see if you need to make any adjustments. Do the same on the other side, ensuring the thumb is facing the crotch of the tights.

Moving to the neck, cut a rather small hole in the crotch of the tights, it does not need to be large AT ALL because of the elastic in the tights that will allow for it to stretch with your body. Use a zig-zag stitch along the edges to prevent fraying and runs in the tights.

The final step to make sure that the wrists are fully fitted. Try the tights on inside out and decide how comfortable the neck hole is for you and decide what other adjustments you want to make. Then, starting from the inside of the palm, just above the meat of the thumb start taking in and pinning the excess. Go along the curved line of the palm and take it down your wrist to the side of your arm and try to take away as much excess fabric in your pinning as is comfortable. This makes it so that the tights look more like a second skin than a pair of tights on your arms. Carefully sew with a straight stitch along this pinned line and try on again to test the fit right side out. You can cut away the excess or leave it in there (like I did) but if you cut it away, you need to be sure that you reinforce the stitch two or three times.

For nails, paint or buy some fake nails and attach them very carefully with E6000 while they are on your hand. Wear a latex glove in between the layers to prevent the glue from touching your skin.

And there you have it! An amazing pair of armsocks made with the beautiful colors of We Love Colors tights to match that tricky unnatural skin coloration, without having to paint an arm and a leg.

Written tutorial by @thepanthomb.
Step by Step photos by @thepanthomb and @shea_cosplays
Video tutorials by Termina Cosplay and Courtoon


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