35 Ways To Have Fun When It Snows

Here in Miami we don’t get to see much snow, but we know lots of you are literally knee-deep in it right now! Snowzilla affected a lot of people in the North-Eastern part of the US this month, but so many more of you wake up most winter mornings to see your streets covered in fluffy white magic!

Winter is a time when many people have a difficult time keeping a positive attitude. The lack of sunlight, cold temperatures, and inclement weather can make it so hard to feel happy. We want you all to feel happy as often as possible, so we came up with a list of things you can do when it snows, both outside in it and when you’re stuck indoors because of it.

35 Ways To Have Fun When It Snows
  1. Go sledding
  2. Binge-watch a new show on Netflix
  3. Make a snow angel
  4. Knit or crochet a scarf
  5. Offer to shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk
  6. Make your own snow globe
  7. Build a living room out of snow
  8. Curl up under a heating blanket with a book
  9. Build a snowman
  10. Paint your toes a fun color
  11. Build an igloo
  12. Write a handwritten letter
  13. Put water and food coloring in spray bottles and decorate the snow
  14. Make yourself some hot chocolate (extra marshmallows!)
  15. Have a colorful photoshoot in the snow wearing some bright tights
  16. Sit under a happy lamp
  17. Have a snowball fight
  18. Work on your flexibility, stretch, do yoga
  19. Catch snowflakes on your tongue
  20. Bake some cute, tasty cookies or cupakes
  21. Build a snow castle
  22. Make a bonfire
  23. Make snow cones with flavored syrup
  24. Wear onesie pajamas around the house
  25. Go ice fishing
  26. Symbolically adopt a penguin
  27. Bundle up to take a walk in the snow
  28. Have an indoor snowball fight with cotton or white fluffy balls
  29. Become a sleuth and make up stories for the human and animal footprints you find
  30. Build a fort in your living room
  31. Make a maze out of snow
  32. Catch up on chores
  33. Have an indoor picnic
  34. Cut out paper snowflakes
  35. Put a snowball in the freezer for summer time

What do you like to do when it snows? We’d love to know! Share in the comments or hop over to our Facebook to share some photos!

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