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Arm-Socks and Costuming: Re-using Imperfect Tights in a Perfectly Practical Way

“I started by utilizing We Love Color’s shoulder gloves to avoid painting arms. I then found making arm socks out of the solid color tights looked more realistic

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Living Street Art by Alexa Meade

Alexa Meade is a truly unique artist, originally from Maryland. She took art classes as a teenager, but hasn't touched a traditional canvas in years

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Splash Color Painting by Charlotte Hager

We're always thrilled when artists are inspired by our products. Many times the artist will use the physical product in their art, but this time we're excited to share Charlotte Hager's work which was inspired by one of our pairs of splash colored ti ...

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35 Ways To Have Fun When It Snows

Here in Miami we don’t get to see much snow, but we know lots of you are literally knee-deep in it right now! Snowzilla affected a lot of people in the North-Eastern part of the US this month, but so many more of you wake up most winter mornings ...

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Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day

Did you know January 25th is Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day? We did! You can celebrate in all sorts of ways, but since Mary was having a Bubble Wrap® party in Baltimore, we decided to send her some white socks to decorate! They used the Bubble ...

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MINIZUKA, Power Art. Inspired by We Love Colors

The Colombian artist Paola Garrido, is blowing people's mind with her "power art". MINIZUKA says and express all what Paola Garrido wouldn't be able to do

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Boppy Shoppe Hand Painted Tights Inspired By We Love Colors

One day Brandi (aka Boppy) a lover of creativiy, art and all thigs colorful came across We Love Colors instagram and found out about our Inspired By project, we connected really well and send her some imperfect tights for her to get creative and this ...

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Are you Inspired by We Love Colors

We Love Colors want to Inspire all the artists out there. What are we looking for? Are you a painter, filmmaker, graphic designer a mix media artist? We want to see how you get inspired by our colorful world