Pablo La cuadro artist

Pablo Inspired By Lacuadro

collage art magazine layout

Pablo aka @thecuadro has become a renowned artist thanks to the power of social media. Thecuadro started his career as photographer, but his work evolved into insanely creative compositions that trick the eye and keep you interested, observing, and inspired. He uses mixed media for the final products, but normally he gets high quality images in collaboration with different photographers or he creates the images himself. He prints them and with a cutter, just like a professional surgeon turns a few pictures into something completely different, sometimes you can barely tell where one image ends and where the other begins. It just flows.

“The collages I make express the duality in the human being, who we want to be versus who we really are and what part of us we show to others”, says Pablo.

“Collage Art is a never ending process, you can put as many images you want together over and over again.”

Pablo created this small collage for Inspired By We Love Colors using two images from the shooting La Web de Madagascar created for us featuring the model Laura Alice.

Watch here how this collage was made for YoDona Magazine.

If you would like to share your art work with us and create a project for Inspired By We Love Colors email social@welovecolors.com.