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Plus Sized Nylon/Lycra Tights

Stand out with these unique hand dyed tights, specially made with the needs of plus size women in mind.


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Plus Sized Nylon/Lycra Tights
  • Colored Plus Sized Nylon/Lycra Tights
  • Colorful Plus Sized Nylon/Lycra Tights

7 Colors to choose! We Love Colors!

Please Note: Colors may vary slightly. See our Color Guide.


160 - 220 lbs

4'11" - 5'5"


215 - 275 lbs

5'5" - 6'0"


270 - 325 lbs

5'5" - 7'0"


320 - 375 lbs

5'5" - 8'2"

Customer Comments

"I love that they offer large sized women's socks in a variety of colors. My daughter has large feet for an 11-yr-old, and it's hard to find large socks that a young girl would enjoy."

"These are definitely the best tights and very simiular to those I used to wear as teenager. Never change!"

"LOVE the amazing selection of colors!!"

"I never shop online, and I always find it difficult to search for exactly what I need. Your website it easy to navigate, and the colors for the tights were easy to see. No guessing!"

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