• 8011 Disposable Mask 20Pack
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  • 8011 Disposable Mask 20Pack Reusable Pouch
  • 8011 Disposable Mask 20Pack Reusable Pouch 01
  • 8011 Disposable Mask 20Pack Reusable Pouch Individually Packed
  • 8011 Disposable Mask 20Pack Reusable Pouch
  • 8011 Disposable Mask 20Pack Unicorn Pouch
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  • Pack of 20
  • Pack of 20 Individually Packaged(+ $4.00)
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This is a 20 pack of disposable lightweight non woven baby blue face masks with a 3 layer filter system and adjustable nose clip. Breathable, non sterile for general use. Soft, stretchy ear loops. One size fits most. Mask dimensions 6. 7" x 3. 54" (17 x 9 cm). These masks help prevent the spread of germs, protect you from pollen, dust and other allergens. Get a free reusable bag to carry them while supplies last.
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  • What is my thickness(denier): Opaque
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  • Gusset: No
  • Panel: No
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  • Dyed and Finished: USA
  • Country Of Origin: China

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Customer Comments

I had absolutely no issue finding or ordering the items I needed! I'm planning a Persephone cosplay in the near future and was ecstatic to find an online retailer who had everything I needed all in one place and for SUCH a reasonable price! I couldn't be happier for my purchase and will be counting the days until I receive my package!
By Kai on 8/30/2020
We needed to get a bunch of gloves and tights for my bunny suit cosplay group, Snacc Pack, and I always prefer to bulk order so that it's cheaper for us in the long run. And We Love Colors has both gloves and tights and we need them to look good
By Ash on 5/13/2020
Great selection of products and colors! Love the quality and even how they are packaged. I’ve told several friends and they’ve placed or are placing orders. I’m ordering their most expensive tights and i expect to order more !
By Happy in South Fla on 4/30/2020
I haven’t gotten my packages yet but I was recommended to the site by other cosplayers! I’m hoping to save time and my poor costumes from body paint stains
By Kenz on 3/3/2020
I'm really happy with how thigh highs are and they arrived much earlier than I thought they would and were packaged with care. I plan to shop here for all my thigh high needs from now on!
By Online Shopper on 2/23/2020
The only difficulty that I ran into was with color choice. I'm doing research for a cosplay and the character has grey-blue-green kind of skin. I've probably gone through at least 200?? different pictures and reviews of similar colors y'all have in stock. The only difficult part is that a lot of people use filters and edit their photos. If you guys are familiar with a lot of cosplay wig companies, this is also an issue, as there can be tons of dying and styling done. A thing that I think could really improve you all as an online store would be to have maybe a sample pack of colors, like just small 1x1 or smaller inch pieces that you can get in bundles or by themselves. Running a small business is hard, so if something like that wasn't doable, maybe try having a gallery on the website, or a linkable one? Showing the colors in different lighting, or have people submit unedited pictures. I'd pitch in especially for that with what I buy! I'm really sorry if that sounded really critical. It's actually really exciting to see you all have body paint matching posts and similar tutorials and tips! Seeing the cosplay community grow from sketchy websites and early 2000s wigs and fabrics to the huge amount of resources available now is amazing. I've heard hundreds of great things about WLC, as body paint cosplays were a huge problem. People started getting banned from areas and cons for leaving,,,,body paint residue?? all around the walls, or even trying to dye themselves in a bathtub with Sharpies. I'm so sorry I'm rambling! It's just genuinely exciting to see you all add items like matte seamless gloves and plus size options, and continue to expand!
By Olive on 1/6/2020