• 1451 W Amethyst Fishnets
  • 1451 W Aqua Fishnets
  • 1451 W Baby Blue Fishnets
    Baby Blue
  • 1451 W Black Fishnets
  • 1451 W Brown Fishnets
  • 1451 W Charcoal Fishnets
  • 1451 W Dusty Green Fishnets
    Dusty Green
  • 1451 W Emerald Fishnets
  • 1451 W Fuchsia Fishnets
  • 1451 W Gold Fishnets
  • 1451 W Grey Fishnets
  • 1451 W Hunter Green Fishnets
    Hunter Green
  • 1451 W Ivory Fishnets
  • 1451 W Kelly Green Fishnets
    Kelly Green
  • 1451 W Lavander Fishnets
  • 1451 W Light Grey Fishnets
    Light Grey
  • 1451 W Light Orange Fishnets
  • 1451 W Light Pink Fishnets
    Light Pink
  • 1451 W Light Tan Fishnets
    Light Tan
  • 1451 W Lilac Fishnets
  • 1451 W Magenta Fishnets
  • 1451 W Maroon Fishnets
  • 1451 W Medium Blue Fishnets
    Medium Blue
  • 1451 W Mint Green Fishnets
    Mint Green
  • 1451 W Mocha Fishnets
  • 1451 W Navy Fishnets
  • 1451 W Neon Blue Fishnets
    Neon Blue
  • 1451 W Neon Green Fishnets
    Neon Green
  • 1451 W Neon Orange Fishnets
  • 1451 W Neon Pink Fishnets
    Neon Pink
  • 1451 W Neon Yellow Fishnets
  • 1451 W Olive Green Fishnets
    Olive Green
  • 1451 W Orange Fishnets
  • 1451 W Orchid Pink Fishnets
    Orchid Pink
  • 1451 W Pastel Mint Fishnets
    Pastel Mint
  • 1451 W Peach Fishnets
  • 1451 W Purple Fishnets
  • 1451 W Red Fishnets
  • 1451 W Royal Fishnets
  • 1451 W Rubine Fishnets
  • 1451 W Rust Fishnets
  • 1451 W Scarlet Red Fishnets
    Scarlet Red
  • 1451 W Scout Green Fishnets
    Scout Green
  • 1451 W Sky Blue Fishnets
    Sky Blue
  • 1451 W Spruce Green Fishnets
    Spruce Green
  • 1451 W Teal Fishnets
  • 1451 W Turquoise Fishnets
  • 1451 W Violet Fishnets
  • 1451 W White Fishnets
  • 1451 W Yellow Fishnets
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  • One Size
  • 1X-3X
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Size Chart

size weight height
One Size 90 - 160 lbs 4'10" - 5'8"
Plus Size 160 - 260 lbs 4'11" - 5'8"


About Me

You’ll be the brightest star around when you slip into a pair of these glittery gems! Flexible as they are comfortable these silver lurex fishnets are a diva’s must-have.
  • What am I made of: 75% Nylon 25% Spandex
  • What is my thickness(denier): 70D Opaque
  • What is my finish: Glossy
  • Gusset: No
  • Panel: No
  • What is best way to care for me: This product has been dyed. Color may stain or bleed. Hand wash separately with similar colors. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Dry flat.
  • Dyed and Finished: USA
  • Country Of Origin: Taiwan


Size Chart

size weight height
One Size 90 - 160 lbs 4'10" - 5'8"
Plus Size 160 - 260 lbs 4'11" - 5'8"
size chart



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Customer Comments

I love all of the tutorials and the suggestions for colour matching makeup. I would prefer more photos of the product as well as photos of the product on people of varying skin tones. I considered purchasing a pair of glitter fishnets but held off because I could not see the glitter in the photo.
By Cosplay with Kerr on 9/21/2019
Hey girl I know a great spot where you can get all the color kids fishnet pantyhose
By Online Shopper on 9/14/2019
Just bought two pairs of fishnets for a festival, super excited to see how they fit! 5’9, 156lbs, hard to say which size will fit better, kinda wish there were more pics of humans wearing them/their heights/weights, but I mean they’re ten bucks and look amazing so I’m thinkin I can’t really go wrong!! wanna get more but have to see which size/style I like best! Soo many fun colors, can’t wait to buy a unitard next🤩
By Kakes on 9/12/2019
I will shop from you again because most of your items are offered in a plus size that fits me, in all the popular colors. I am VERY dissappointed that you do not offer ANY thigh high stockings in plus size, over 160 pounds. I am 240#. That is very body shaming of you to think that plus sized women do not want pretty sexy stockings. Everything else you offer in plus size.. To not offer the stockings is to send a message that plus sized women are not sexual beings, so let's not even offer it. That was one of the two items I was intent on purchasing today. Instead of offering me stockings, you offer me a tutorial on how I can make my own out of tights. If I wanted to make my own clothing, I would not need to shop with you at all. Why don't you hire someone to make the plus sized tights into stockings?! That's your job, not mine. At checkout: I tried to copy and paste my phone number into your forms. Your form would not allow me to do that. Typing it in, allows spyware to capture my keystrokes, so I don't like to type it in. I like to paste it in. Paypal did not offer me the option to log in as guest. I have been to other websites that offer this option. So my only other option was to trust you with my credit card data. I trusted you with my card info only because you have an OK rating with the Better Business Bureau. Otherwise you would not have gotten my card info, and you would not have gotten my purchase. I would have gone elsewhere to protect my card info. For my overall experience, I have to say WELL DONE! Keep up the good work! I love the dark teal gloves and dark teal tights/fishnets. They will go great with my mother-of-the-bride dress.
By --- on 9/11/2019
I have purchased tights and dancewear from We Love Color before and knew they carried fishnet shirts. I was hoping they carried them in the menswear section for length purposes. I was disappointed that was not the case and will have to make do with the one size they carry.
By zaramusette on 9/10/2019
Wore fishnets for the first time. They do a little slipping as you wear. Would like them to cling a little better up at thigh crotch area. Love the color choices. Have yet to wash any of them.
By Annieg on 9/8/2019