• 5008-light-grey-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Light Grey
  • 5008-w-maroon-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-red-long-sleeve-mock-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-rust-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-plus-scarlet-red.jpg
    Scarlet Red
  • 5008-m-fuchsia-long-sleeve-mock-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-magenta-fuchsia-long-sleeve-mock-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-neon-pink-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Neon Pink
  • 5008-w-orchid-pink-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Orchid Pink
  • 5008-light-pink-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Light Pink
  • 5008-light-orange-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Light Orange
  • 5008-w-peach-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-orange-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-neon-orange-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Neon Orange
  • 5008-w-gold-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-yellow-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-neon-yellow-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Neon Yellow
  • 5008-long-sleeve-turtleneck-maize-m-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-mint-green-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Mint Green
  • 5008-w-dusty-green-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Dusty Green
  • 5008-pastel-mint-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Pastel Mint
  • 5008-scout-green-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Scout Green
  • 5008-emerald-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-spruce-green-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Spruce Green
  • 5008-w-teal-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-hunter-green-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Hunter Green
  • 5008-w-kelly-green-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Kelly Green
  • 5008-olive-green-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Olive Green
  • 5008-neon-green-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Neon Green
  • 5008-w-aqua-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-neon-blue-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Neon Blue
  • 5008-w-baby-blue-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Baby Blue
  • 5008-w-sky-blue-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Sky Blue
  • 5008-w-medium-blue-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Medium Blue
  • 5008-w-turquoise-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-royal-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-navy-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-lilac-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-lavender-long-sleeve-mock-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-violet-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-purple-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-amethyst-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-rubine-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-light-tan-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
    Light Tan
  • 5008-w-mocha-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-brown-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-white-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-ivory-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-grey-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-charcoal-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-black-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-toffee-mock-neck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-splash-7001-long-sleeve-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-splash-7202-turtleneck-leotard.jpg.jpg
  • 5008-w-splash-7205-tank-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-splash-7214-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-splash-7306-turtleneck-leotard.jpg
  • 5008-w-splash-7318-turtleneck-leotard.jpg.jpg
  • 5008-w-splash-7411-turtleneck-leotard.jpg.jpg
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About Me

Improved pattern with snaps. A limited edition for longer frames available here. Our mock neck leotard moves with you. Made out of our 4 way stretch breathable performance fabric. Single layer front and back no liner. Comes in all of our impossible to find 51 colors.

*A few items with zipper available upon request.
  • What am I made of: 80% Nylon 20% Spandex
  • What is my thickness(denier): Opaque
  • What is my finish: Matte
  • Gusset: No
  • Panel: No
  • What is best way to care for me: This product has been dyed. Color may stain or bleed. Machine wash in gentle cycle with similar colors and cold water. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low heat and gentle cycle.
  • Dyed and Finished: USA
  • Country Of Origin: USA

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Customer Comments

Easy enough to use. Sizing charts were helpful. Only wish there were more pictures of each item instead of it switching between colors.
By AMS on 5/8/2024
It was a great interaction
By Ella on 4/29/2024
This was pretty good. Recommended by GinnyDi on youtube and figured it was perfect dor cosplay
By Mira on 4/24/2024
Thank you for sharing body make up pairing suggestions that match with your product color line. Incredible.
By A.N. on 3/30/2024
In general, I am very pleased, one issue I had was once I logged in it took me a bit of clicking around to figure out how to navigate back to the main shopping page.
By Jo S on 3/18/2024
Many options for products that can be used for cosplay, inclusive sizing as well.
By Me on 2/8/2024
The website was easy to interact with and an overall good experience. I this is my second time buying the same product but in a different size, the sizing guide didn’t work for me and I’m bummed that I need to pay return shipping when I did follow the guide.
By Mari on 2/7/2024
So easy to shop by color and an extensive selection for plus size is fantastic!
By Jessi on 1/22/2024
It has been surprisingly easy.
By WickedNeedle on 1/11/2024
Good, love your website
By Hose lover on 1/10/2024
Really easy to find what I wanted, and a wide selection range too
By gracelessAesthetic on 1/4/2024
They had cosplay examples so I knew what to get
By Elle on 1/3/2024
It went well. Everything was easy and simple to navigate.
By Addie on 12/28/2023
The color range is nice but the prices aren't great.
By miko on 12/28/2023
Super easy to find what I needed with the shop by color tool! Was looking for something that matched some mehron paint and found everything I needed super fast.
By Opal on 12/27/2023
I haven't shopped from We Love Colors since 2020 and I'm delighted by all of the resources provided for the cosplay community! Living in a humid environment means face and body paint is difficult, so it's great to have a single place to find good quality arm socks, tights, and other body coverings in the same color! And even better-- most of these products include plus sizes which is the reason I was drawn to We Love Colors in the first place!
By Jess on 12/22/2023
I've wanted to buy for ages now and needed the items for a cosplay! Super excited! I'd love some more easy to reach details on the sight like texture, opaqueness. If I googled it, it was easy to find but couldnt find any information while searching the site itself
By Em on 11/20/2023
Site was easily navigated, and the sizing chart was useful to obtain the items that will fit comfortably. Am starting a new exercise regime in the privacy of our home, and want to be comfortable and feel beautiful as I make my fat cry. Happy to finally obtain bodysuits with a snap crotch feature, to use with tights, as previously I have had to use unitards for exercise. Looking forward to receiving my selected quality items.
By wildirishrose on 9/29/2023
Super easy and huge variety
By Kristinelb on 9/21/2023
This site was recommended by youtuber Ginny Di. I am playing Ursula in my community theatre's production of The Little Mermaid and your color options are outstanding! As well as your range is sizes and styles!
By BryonyCollis on 9/21/2023
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