• 1204-w-white-striped-light-orange-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Light Orange
  • 1204-w-white-striped-maroon-white-stripes-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-red-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-rust-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-scarlet-red-striped-tights.jpg
    Scarlet Red
  • 1204-w-white-striped-fuchsia-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-magenta-white-stripes-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-neon-pink-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Neon Pink
  • 1204-w-white-striped-orchid-pink-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Orchid Pink
  • 1204-w-white-striped-light-pink-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Light Pink
  • 1204-w-white-striped-peach-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-orange-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-neon-orange-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Neon Orange
  • 1204-w-white-striped-gold-white-stripes-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-yellow-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-neon-yellow-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Neon Yellow
  • 1204-w-white-striped-maize-white-stripes-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-mint-green-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Mint Green
  • 1204-w-white-striped-dusty-green-white-stripes-tights.jpg
    Dusty Green
  • 1204-w-white-striped-pastel-mint-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Pastel Mint
  • 1204-w-white-striped-scout-green-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Scout Green
  • 1204-w-white-striped-emerald-white-stripes-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-spruce-green-striped-tights.jpg
    Spruce Green
  • 1204-w-white-striped-teal-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-hunter-green--white-striped-tights.jpg
    Hunter Green
  • 1204-w-white-striped-kelly-green-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Kelly Green
  • 1204-w-white-striped-olive-green-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Olive Green
  • 1204-w-white-striped-neon-green-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Neon Green
  • 1204-plus-white-striped-white-stripes-aqua-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-neon-blue-white-striped-neon-blue-tights.jpg
    Neon Blue
  • 1204-plus-white-striped-white-stripes-baby-blue-tights.jpg
    Baby Blue
  • 1204-w-white-striped-sky-blue-plus-size-white-striped-tights.jpg
    Sky Blue
  • 1204-w-white-striped-w-medium-blue.jpg
    Medium Blue
  • 1204-w-white-striped-turquoise-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-w-royal.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-navy-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-lilac-white-stripes-tights.jpg
  • 1204-lavender-plus-sized-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-violet-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-purple-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-white-stripes-amethyst-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-rubine-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-light-tan-white-stripes-tights.jpg
    Light Tan
  • 1204-w-white-striped-mocha-white-striped-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-brown-white-stripes-brown-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-w-lavander copy.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-ivory-white-stripes-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-light-grey-white-stripes-tights.jpg
    Light Grey
  • 1204-w-white-striped-grey-white-stripes-grey-tights.jpg
  • 1204-w-white-striped-charcoal-white-stripesl-tights.jpg
  • 1204-plus-white-striped-toffee-tights.jpg
  • 1204-plus-white-striped-caramel-tights.jpg
  • 1204-plus-white-striped-white-stripes-black-tights.jpg
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About Me

Our White striped tights come in 3 different sizes, these are perfect for a mix and match pattern outfit to add texture and dimension. As a best seller during the Holidays, you can dress up as a candy cane wearing red and white tights, or be Santa's helper elf with the green and white stripes.

The stripes begin at the upper thigh and continue down the leg with the upper part remaining a single solid color. Perfect for any occasion, our striped tights are also available in plus sizes 51+ colors
  • What am I made of: 35% Nylon 5% Spandex 60% Polyester
  • What is my thickness(denier): 60D Opaque
  • What is my finish: Matte
  • Gusset: See Size Chart
  • Panel: See Size Chart
  • What is best way to care for me: This product has been dyed. Color may stain or bleed. Machine wash in gentle cycle with similar colors and cold water. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low heat and gentle cycle.
  • Dyed and Finished: USA
  • Country Of Origin: TAIWAN

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Customer Comments

I love this online store due to it high quality tights, but last night I was trying to enter the page to place a order and the page wasn't working marking me kinda sad because I didn't know when it would go back up. Overall the shopping experience was amazing I was very easy to find the product list and the products have good info of the sizes and materials.
By Mantyhose_king on 3/18/2024
I've ordered in the past as a guest account and loved the products so much. I'm using the tights I got this time for a cosplay and I know they'll be perfect
By Rengenano on 3/1/2024
I did not find what I really wanted, which was a shimmery gray or silver tight. You have a shimmery fishnet, but that's not quite right for the event I'll be attending. Still, love your site!
By Jenny on 2/18/2024
Your website is easy to understand and navigate.
By CostumeMom on 2/12/2024
I love how easy the sizing chart was to use and I love the style
By Julie on 10/6/2023
Good selection and size range.
By BGBeth on 9/28/2023
Found the exact pair of tights in obscure color and size i was looking for!
By Annie on 9/25/2023
This is the only place I've been able to find plus size tights in the color options I needed, and costume tights of this quality
By Maebee on 8/28/2023
Nice and comfortable products, friendly and helpful staff.
By Carl on 8/25/2023
Wonderful experience, I just wish there were more stripped and wacky options
By Riley on 8/4/2023
I am disappointed that most of the microfiber tights options are being discontinued for children. The product is well made and offers a bit more modesty than the lesser denier.
By Karmen S. on 5/10/2023
Lovely website and has a good amount of plus sized options.
By Francis on 2/23/2023
Very easy to use site, plenty of colors, plenty of sizes.
By Amy on 2/5/2023
I wish it was more clear what the 2nd color was for the white x white striped tights
By Kit on 2/4/2023
My experience was very easy and quick.
By Online Shopper on 1/30/2023
I'm honestly just really happy to find cute tights that are plus size and that actually fit me, especially at a reasonable price.
By Lily on 1/25/2023
Easy to use website. Very straightforward and easy to navigate.
By Adrian on 1/18/2023
Super fast and easy checkout, super glad they had plus size options, literally the only place i could find exactly what i wanted and in the size i needed, plus it’s affordable.
By Lou on 7/15/2022
Very easy to navigate site, professional looking, quick checkout. I look forward to receiving my tights!
By Pearl on 7/11/2022
Love the site overall, but navigation seemed a little rough with the picture selection rather than a drop down menu.
By Jen’s Baby on 4/7/2022
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