• 1053-w-neon-yellow-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Neon Yellow
  • 1053-w-maroon-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-red-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-rust-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-scarlet-red-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Scarlet Red
  • 1053-w-fuchsia-microfiber-nylon-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-magenta-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-neon-pink-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Neon Pink
  • 1053-w-orchid-pink-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Orchid Pink
  • 1053-w-light-pink-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Light Pink
  • 1053-light-orange-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Light Orange
  • 1053-plus-peach.jpg
  • 1053-w-orange-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-neon-orange-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Neon Orange
  • 1053-w-gold-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-yellow-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-maize-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-mint-green-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Mint Green
  • 1053-w-dusty-green-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Dusty Green
  • 1053-pastel-mint-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Pastel Mint
  • 1053-scout-green-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Scout Green
  • 1053-emerald-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-spruce-green-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Spruce Green
  • 1053-w-teal-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-hunter-green-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Hunter Green
  • 1053-w-kelly-green-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Kelly Green
  • 1053-olive-green-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Olive Green
  • 1053-neon-green-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Neon Green
  • 1053-w-aqua-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-neon-blue-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Neon Blue
  • 1053-w-baby-blue-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Baby Blue
  • 1053-w-sky-blue-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Sky Blue
  • 1053-w-medium-blue-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Medium Blue
  • 1053-turquoise-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-royal-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-navy-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-lilac-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-lavender-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-violet-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-purple-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-amethyst-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-rubine-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-light-tan-nylon-lycra-tights.jpg
    Light Tan
  • 1053-w-mocha-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-brown-microfiber-opaque-dancetights.jpg
  • 1053-w-white-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-ivory-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-light-grey-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Light Grey
  • 1053-w-grey-microfiber-nylon-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-charcoal-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-black-color-opaque-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-toffee-nylon-lycra-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-caramel-nylon-lycra-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-splash-7001-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-splash-7202-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-splash-7205-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-splash-7214-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-splash-7306-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-splash-7318-tights.jpg
  • 1053-m-splash-7411-tights.jpg
  • 1053.svg
  • S/M
  • M/L
  • 1X-4X(+ $2.00)
  • 5X-8X(+ $2.00)

About Me

Incredibly soft, very stretchy and durable 80 denier Microfiber Tights. These tights are full-footed with a medium thickness, flat seams and solid opaque color. Available in our 51+ colors! Sizes 1X-4X and 5X-8X feature a panel for exceptional comfort.
  • What am I made of: 90% Nylon 10% Spandex
  • What is my thickness(denier): 80D Opaque
  • What is my finish: Matte
  • Gusset: No
  • Panel: Yes
  • What is best way to care for me: This product has been dyed. Color may stain or bleed. Machine wash in gentle cycle with similar colors and cold water. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low heat and gentle cycle.
  • Dyed and Finished: USA
  • Country Of Origin: Taiwan

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Customer Comments

Everything was very easy along with great choices
By Chip on 11/15/2023
Very good experience! Looking forward to receiving my tights!
By Jessica on 11/10/2023
I was searching for color tights that were in my size. NOBODY had anything but black. Blah. I want colors! Thanks!
By Didi on 11/1/2023
I really like the color and size range available. I would like to see more photos of the products, as a lot of the ones on the site look like they are just recolored stock photos.
By miss on 11/1/2023
It was wonderful, and very streamlined
By CinnamonBunCos on 10/31/2023
Easy ordering!
By Laurie on 10/27/2023
Website is easy to navigate and well organized. Helps making find what you need easy.
By Don on 10/24/2023
I am pretty happy with the website, I can always find what I want and really like the company.
By Brenda on 10/22/2023
Great selection and Mehron color matching has been absolutely great for cosplay needs! I wish there were leotards with fingers attached, otherwise I am so happy!
By KW on 10/22/2023
The site is easy to navigate and I love that all the colors of tights have images with them.
By scarlethero on 10/22/2023
The website was very Eastport navigate. I love how it can be navigated by color. I use welovecolors every time I need to use body paint for a costume
By Lynn freefallcos on 10/20/2023
I love your tights and have purchased several times. I do wish there were more plus sized models for the striped tights
By Ariel on 10/20/2023
Easy to navigate. I was looking for specific colors and they had most of them. Other websites had none of them
By Ginny on 10/19/2023
I order from We Love Colors every year. I love their tights and wear them every fall and winter season!
By SarahF on 10/18/2023
I really love your products and that you have bigger sizes for someone like me. I was in an accident a number of years ago and due to burns and skin grafts I always wear tights to cover my legs up. I have been buying your products for years. Please keep up the good work.
By Mika on 10/18/2023
The shampoo tech at my hairdressers' recommended this website to me, since I always wear purple hair, goofy dresses, Dr. Martens, and tights to work. (I sang and played guitar in bands back in the 1980s, but had to rely on thrift stores for my stage clothes. Very happy with your color selection! (BTW, I'm 67 years old and not retired yet ... but they let me wear what I want.
By Ms.Lefty on 10/11/2023
i really like the teal tie dye tights -- i've worn them out and was very happy to find them still on your site over a year later
By Terry on 9/30/2023
Site was easily navigated, and the sizing chart was useful to obtain the items that will fit comfortably. Am starting a new exercise regime in the privacy of our home, and want to be comfortable and feel beautiful as I make my fat cry. Happy to finally obtain bodysuits with a snap crotch feature, to use with tights, as previously I have had to use unitards for exercise. Looking forward to receiving my selected quality items.
By wildirishrose on 9/29/2023
I'm excited! I'm using the leotard and tights I bought today for my first ever cosplay for Halloween as Persephone from Lore Olympus! My first ever couples costume! I'm excited to see what I get!! It's all coming together!!
By Lulu on 9/28/2023
Your website has always been excellent and friendly and easy to navigate.
By Bluusy on 9/26/2023
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