• 1053-w-light-tan-nylon-lycra-tights.jpg
    Light Tan
  • 1053-w-maroon-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-red-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-rust-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-scarlet-red-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Scarlet Red
  • 1053-w-fuchsia-microfiber-nylon-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-magenta-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-neon-pink-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Neon Pink
  • 1053-w-orchid-pink-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Orchid Pink
  • 1053-w-light-pink-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Light Pink
  • 1053-light-orange-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Light Orange
  • 1053-plus-peach.jpg
  • 1053-neon-orange-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Neon Orange
  • 1053-w-gold-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-yellow-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-neon-yellow-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Neon Yellow
  • 1053-w-maize-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-mint-green-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Mint Green
  • 1053-w-dusty-green-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Dusty Green
  • 1053-pastel-mint-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Pastel Mint
  • 1053-scout-green-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Scout Green
  • 1053-emerald-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-spruce-green-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Spruce Green
  • 1053-w-teal-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-hunter-green-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Hunter Green
  • 1053-w-kelly-green-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Kelly Green
  • 1053-olive-green-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Olive Green
  • 1053-neon-green-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Neon Green
  • 1053-w-aqua-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-baby-blue-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Baby Blue
  • 1053-w-sky-blue-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Sky Blue
  • 1053-w-medium-blue-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Medium Blue
  • 1053-turquoise-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-royal-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-navy-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-lilac-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-lavender-color-opaque-w-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-violet-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-purple-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-amethyst-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-rubine-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-mocha-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-brown-microfiber-opaque-dancetights.jpg
  • 1053-w-white-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-ivory-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-light-grey-microfiber-tights.jpg
    Light Grey
  • 1053-w-grey-microfiber-nylon-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-charcoal-color-opaque-womens-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-black-color-opaque-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-splash-7001-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-splash-7202-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-splash-7205-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-splash-7214-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-splash-7306-microfiber-tights.jpg
  • 1053-w-splash-7318-tights.jpg
  • 1053-m-splash-7411-tights.jpg
  • 1053.svg
  • S/M
  • M/L
  • 1X-4X(+ $2.00)
  • 5X-8X(+ $2.00)

About Me

IMPORTANT NOTE: This style is temporarily out of stock in size M/L. See Style# 1008 - Nylon/ Spandex Tights for an alternative style.

Incredibly soft, stretchy and durable 80 denier Microfiber Tights. These tights are full-footed with a medium thickness, flat seams and solid opaque color. Available in our 51+ colors! Sizes 1X-4X and 5X-8X feature a panel for exceptional comfort.
  • What am I made of: 90% Nylon 10% Spandex
  • What is my thickness(denier): 80D Opaque
  • What is my finish: Matte
  • Gusset: No
  • Panel: Yes
  • What is best way to care for me: This product has been dyed. Color may stain or bleed. Machine wash in gentle cycle with similar colors and cold water. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low heat and gentle cycle.
  • Dyed and Finished: USA
  • Country Of Origin: Taiwan

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Customer Comments

The website is very user-friendly, and the customer service replied in a reasonable amount of time when I emailed them. Unfortunately the size and color I wanted was out of stock, but they recommended a different size so it works out!
By K.Corvus on 5/13/2023
i ordered my stuff and it was easy
By char on 5/9/2023
I needed some extra spare parts for Mardi Gras
By andecab on 5/9/2023
The website is amazing and easy to navigate!
By Jen J. on 4/18/2023
Smooth and easy if logging as a guest.
By Jen on 4/16/2023
A little expensive, but of beautiful quality!
By Boni on 4/14/2023
My reaction with the website was good but a challenging one too because I was not sure if I wanted to spend a lot of money today or wait for some time too pass before I did.
By Googly on 4/10/2023
Simple, fast, and I know the products are great!
By Wimble on 4/6/2023
Love the colour variety and prices.
By June on 4/5/2023
It was very good
By Midget on 4/5/2023
I wasn't sure what size I needed so I sent an Email and got some very helpful responses that helped me make a purchase. I would have liked to do that chat live on the site instead, if possible, so that process didn't take three days. :)
By Topknot on 4/4/2023
Always a huge fan of the stockings, they last so long, are super soft and comfortable which caters to my sensory issues. Thanks so much <>
By Ashe on 4/4/2023
It was great! Everything is well organized and easy to find!
By Izzy on 4/2/2023
Site was recommended to me and I found exactly what I was looking for. Was looking for a specific color and found exactly what I needed.
By Kirk on 3/31/2023
Love the product selection, wish there was a a full turtle neck unitard
By DEM on 3/31/2023
I love that you have all body shapes and genders. You are my go-to place for tights and leotards. Same for my husband.
By Celestare on 3/28/2023
I love this site. You have ALL the colors I could want in ALL of the sizes. It's truly a rarity to see such an inclusive company.
By taliyamichelle on 3/28/2023
The website is easy to use. I also am always so pleased with the vast color selection. I am in the process of replacing all my We Love Colors tights in a smaller size, so it might take a while. Regarding price: I also buy all the colors offered by Snag Tights, which are wonderful quality at a much cheaper price. As I am sure you are aware, their tights are $13, plus 15% off if you buy 6 or more pairs, & free shipping on orders of over $100. If there were incentives like that offered by We Love Colors, I would never place a small order again.
By Meshel on 3/24/2023
so many fun colors!
By ace on 3/20/2023
I researched around for a guide for the character I’m cosplaying to match my tight colors with my face makeup, and We Love Colors had an article about that very character, including what colors a previous cosplayer had used!
By Mia on 3/13/2023
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