Sheer Knee Highs In 45 Different Colors

Fuchsia sheer knee highs. Relax, you have found the place where you can buy sheer knee highs in 45 different colors. Don't settle for those ordinary dull colors. Buy a bunch, be bright every day. These are the best low run sheer knee highs, and they will last a long time. By the time they wear out, we will have a ten more new colors for you to choose from.


Knee highs. Knee high sheer fuchsia.

Colored 20 denier sheer knee highs priced at $3.50 per pair

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Knee High. Choose your favorite color on sheer knee highs from the following colors: neon yellow, neon orange, neon pink (hot pink), neon green, ivory, maize, yellow, gold, peach, light orange, orange, rust, light pink tights, orchid pink hosiery, scarlet red, red, fuchsia, magenta, maroon, rubine, lilac, lavender, violet, purple, pastel mint, mint green, dusty green, olive green, scout green, kelly green, emerald green, spruce green, hunter green, aqua, turquoise, baby blue, sky blue, medium blue, royal blue, navy blue, light grey, grey, brown, black. All of our neon colors glow and are high fluorescent under a blacklight. To see these colors ClickHere


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