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Need thigh highs for plus size women.

By Online Shopper on 8/14/2018
Products are high quality and beautifully colored, but did not fit my legs well. Thigh highs rolled down instantly. Would recommend for tights and quality material though!
By Chloe on 7/30/2018

Plus size tights are a challenge. I have wanted to buy tights from you from forever. I am treating myself for my birthday, Fingers crossed I am actually an A/B I am 200lbs and 5'3 but my thighs and butt take up so much room that most tights tend to be short and not fit correctly in the crotch. I usually buy a size up, but hoping your tights are true to size. I am also always looking for thick knit winter tights. Actual sweater knit fuzzy wool sock style. Not the fleece lined leggings style. No one is making large enough warm enough footed tights for large girls who like to wear skirts and dresses in the winter. You would sell TONS to working women in NY. Please consider making them!!

By Tani on 5/2/2018

Liked the range of colours! I have been looking for footless tights since my usual UK source is out of stock. I am concerned about how they will cope with the combination of my thighs and some humid summer weather, but hope for the best!

By L on 4/21/2018

Literally this is the onlt site with decent prices for dance wear as well as a good selection of tights for plus size. the only thing i would recommend improving are to get thigh highs in plus sizes.other than that, i would def tell my friend about it. :)

By dollface on 4/9/2018

I've heard good things about WLC's quality of product so I decided to drop a few dollars on some socks and compare to other vendors that I've bought from. I usually get the cheapest possible, so I'm spending a few more dollars than I'm used to, but if these thigh-highs are any thicker than the $2 ones on Wish and don't slip while I'm walking, I'll save and make We Love Colors my recommended vendor!

By Toby on 3/31/2018
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