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A wedding in We Love Colors!

Getting new stories everyday from our customers is something that makes our days even more colorful and happy! Chiara Cielo and Paolo got married early this year in Novara, a town in Piedmont between Torino and Milano, Italy

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Amethyst Ashley

Our lovely customer, Ashley, chose We Love Colors Plus Size Tights in Amethyst Solid Color. Just wore my first ever pair of tights from you guys on Saturday for a wedding party I was in

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Married to Fun

Here’s some beautiful pictures from friends Eric & Klassy T’s wedding. Bridesmaids wore an array of Solid Colors in We Love Colors Microfiber Tights

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Courtney's Wedding

Stumped on how to incorporate bright, fun colors in your groomsmen's attire? Well Courtney's knew just where to hide the surprise! They all wore white and navy blue ties with varying designs along with a white dress shirt, but coming between their fe ...

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Katie and Preston's Wedding

Newly weds, Katie and Preston, couldn't even dream about leaving We Love Colors out of their big day! So, to keep a little slice of home with them, the couple had their groomsmen wear different shades of blue in our Mens Nylon Socks