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100 Years Of French Fashion – Glamour Magazine – February 2018

Publication: Glamour Magazine’s YouTube Channel Story: 100 Years Of French Fashion Stylist: Jess Mederos We Love Colors Style Featured: Style# 1053 – Nylon/Lycra/Microfiber Tights Style# 3407 – Shoulder Gloves Colors Featur ...

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Living Street Art by Alexa Meade

Alexa Meade is a truly unique artist, originally from Maryland. She took art classes as a teenager, but hasn't touched a traditional canvas in years

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TeenVogue.com – February 2016

We’re ready to hit the streets in style this New York Fashion Week. In TeenVogue.com’s video, Watch one Model Win at Fashion Week Bootcamp, model Susannah Liguori shows us how she makes it through the fast pace world of fashion all while looking tre ...

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i-D Video – October 2015

There are so many current scenes and styles that you can categorize yourself as, and i-D magazine presented a new video to capture all of them

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Dancing in Miami Beach!

Marta Pardo the actress, make up artist and dancer behind the famous account @Guapas4Ever is originally from Venezuela, but is based in Miami and she as many of you loves We Love Colors

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Are you Inspired by We Love Colors

We Love Colors want to Inspire all the artists out there. What are we looking for? Are you a painter, filmmaker, graphic designer a mix media artist? We want to see how you get inspired by our colorful world

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V Magazine.com – April 2015

We Love Colors takes an new stand by sporting their definitive nylon ankle socks in an V Magazine’s exclusive video “Connecting”, which explores how technology today effects the way we live, think, and communicate

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We Love Colors at Venice Beach

Few weeks ago we traveled from our heaquarters in Miami with a big box full of We Love Colors socks, tights, shorts, fishnets and more to Los Angeles, to be more precise to Venice Beach, to share our love for colors

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Pharrell's Dancers at iHeart Radio Music Festival

This year at the iHeart Radio Music Festival, Pharrell performed his new single “Marilyn Monroe” with We Love Colors clothed dancers shaking away! Pharrell’s standout performance and dancers were the hit of the show

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We Love Yoga

Yogini and We Love Colors customer, Isabelle Barger sent us videos of herself demonstrating two very famous poses in yoga, the Moon Salutation and the Sun Salutation with a Twist