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Colorful and Workout Ready

We found Shar-Laine B. through our Facebook page, where she shared this colorful photo of a silly workout costume

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Auto Splash Spa

Check out this performance piece from a group called Artscape from Baltimore, Maryland. They are wearing Splash Color #7214 Tank Leotards

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Twin Kitchen's Confetti Salad

The rising chefs from Twin Kitchen, Ry and Sky, are wearing our Splash Color Tank Kids Leotards while making a scrumptious Confetti Salad - an easy to do, healthy and, of course, colorful meal that's just as much fun to eat as it is to make

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We Love Gymnastics!

Rebecca W. and her four year old daughter, Betty Jean, love We Love Colors. Rebecca knows her daughter is wearing high quality dancewear with a great selection, and Betty Jean loves all the fun, bright colors that make her stand out