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We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

We were so in love with the use of our Yellow Style# 1061 Performance Tights for the University of Mary Washington’s eagle mascot costume! Mascot costumes are instrumental for boosting spirit and morale of schools and sports teams; ...

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2013 Halloween Costume Contest Winners!!

Watta tough decision this was. We wanted to extend prizes and have around a dozen winners. You all did an amazing job incorporating We Love Colors into your costume

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RealSimple.com - October 2013

Halloween is right around the corner! Make sure your little ones are smart, stylish and warm by using We Love Color's children's solid nylon tights for all your DIY costume projects

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Lollipop Guild

Matt and crew, made fun Lollipop Guild outfits using We Love Colors White Striped Tights! Here is the Lollipop Guild wearing your tights…thought it might at least brighten your day with a good laugh! in His hands, Matt Send Us your photos

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Seussical the Musical

Becky E. from Ramsey Elementary was in charge of costuming a bright and colorful play of Seussical the Musical

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The Jester Dance

Karin Anderson, a JMU Dance Major, choreographed a contemporary modern dance about jesters using our Diamond Tights!Thanks Karin!Send Us your photos