Splash Color Socks Not Tie Dye

Meet the new kids on the block!! Our crew ribbed socks Style# 1552 are the perfect blend of timeless design, style and high-performance, yet still perfect for everyday wear.  Crafted from high-quality materials our socks provide exceptional comfort with arch support and elastic ribbing on the leg, you can wear them up or scrunch them down. They also feature a terry cushion on the foot bottom which make every step softer for those long days standing , and a hand-linked toe seam for enhanced durability.  Our breathable, moisture wicking, and quick drying design keeps moisture away to keep your feet cool and dry, allowing for proper ventilation, and ensuring a cool and dry feel for all day comfort.

The history of socks can be traced back to thousands and thousands of years ago from primitive foot coverings to the invention of the knitting machine in the 16th century which change sock production forever, allowing more socks to be made, quicker and cheaper! Where socks were a luxury item, the mass production of socks along with new textile technology in the late 19th and 20th centuries, now the socks became more comfortable, more durable, and more breathable!  Then we have Nylon that was introduced in 1938 and socks have never been the same since!  Thats where we come in, as Nylon and dyeing experts, we can bring the best of both worlds, socks and color!  

Socks are a part of our daily lives and we bring a little more fun to that experience with all of our 50 + colors including the hand dyed Splash Colors!  You can see here how we hand dye our splash colors and create the most beautiful colors and patterns with our unique process.  You can add a little color and happiness to your wardrobe with vibrant colors to pastels to neutrals and greys.  Our socks are a one size fits all, but proudly range and fit a range of sizes from a size 6 in women's to a 14 in mens!