4 Pastel Colors to Add to Your Closet Right Now

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With spring in full bloom and Easter around the corner, it is the ideal time to swap your dark clothes for a bright pastel color palette.

Derived from the Latin word pastellum, pastels originate from the 15th century Renaissance. Now, not only are they a stunning medium for art, which is still commonly created today, but they are prevalent in the fashion world. The wide range of bright pastel colors is comforting and cute, making them a go-to staple for many.

Pink, baby blue, mint green, lavender, and peach are probably some pastels that are already in your closet, but what about the other ones? 

Here are 4 more pastel colors to add to your closet right now, and how to wear them!

1. Maize 

Being light and delicate, maize is a great way to warm up your wardrobe. It is also a great choice for spring, reflecting the happier days to come as the days become longer and brighter. The great thing about yellows is that they go with nearly every color. Whether you choose to pair maize with a darker outfit or another bright pastel, it will be eye-catching regardless.

Maize is also a perfect accent color. Spruce up your outfit with a pair of maize-colored socks, gloves, or even footless tights. Shop for your maize staples HERE!

2 . Lilac

Lilac is a gentle and calming color that many people gravitate towards. While it is popular among the pastels, it often gets overlooked for its close sister, lavender. It is another color, like maize, that pairs stunningly with an array of colors, however, it suits colors on the opposite side of the color wheel exceptionally well. Oranges (see the image below for an example!), yellows, and olive greens are often worn with lilac, bringing out the vibrancy of each. Greys are also paired with lilac because with its blue and purple undertones, as well as lilac’s subtle hints of grey, it is a perfect match.

Snag yourself a pair of lilac tights HERE and pair it with a grey sweater or t-shirt, or something bolder, such as olive green, for a stunning outfit.

3. Dusty Green

Dusty green is a soft combination of blue and green and works well as a staple color or a subtle addition to your outfit. While at first glance, you might not be too sure what to pair with this earthy color, but there are quite a few options. Light pink, light grey, lilac, and caramel can go nicely with dusty green, but oftentimes, it can steal the show! If you aren’t too sure how you want to wear it, consider adding hints of it into your outfit. A great way to do this is through our dusty green shoelaces or masks.

4.Light Grey

Last, but not least, light grey is a neutral yet powerful addition to your outfit. It is another versatile color, pairing with just about anything. Although, most people don’t utilize light grey, or any shade of grey, to its fullest potential. It isn’t common to see it as the focus of an outfit, but there are many ways to make it so. To make it the staple of your next outfit, check out our comfortable light grey short sleeve bodysuit and tights, which are perfect for active people. Or, opt to wear it as a clean and sleek accessory with our masks and socks.

Those are 4 pastel colors you could to add to your closet right now, as well as some ideas for how to wear them. To shop even more pastel colors, explore our colors HERE.

And remember, pastel colors are meant to be worn throughout the year. Not just during spring and summertime!

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