Plus Size Fashion Spring Lookbook by We Love Colors and Proud Mary

This spring fashion lookbook was created for our plus size customers in collaboration with LA based brand, Proud Mary Fashion, who offers plus size only vintage finds, carefully curated and hand picked across the United States. and house designed pieces like the cute pastel rainbow, flowy disco tunic dress pictured below. From conservative styles, to bold prints, they have it all!

To complement each look we added colorful pieces from We Love Colors such as socks, gloves or tights that add totally different vibe to the look, you can go with same color palette as we did on this shoot, play with contrasting colors or even go with a crazy pattern what matters the most is to have fun and wear pieces that make you feel comfortable, free and happy!

Find the product reference on each photo below. Share this with your friends and if you have questions regarding sizing or colors , feel free to reach us at if you are in the US you can also give us a call at 305 889 0793.