How to Style Thigh High Socks

Thigh high socks are the quickest and easiest way to change up any outfit. Not only can adding a pair of over the knee socks for women make any outfit completely different, but also it’s a great way to add color and make a fashion statement. If there’s anything we love more than making a statement, it’s making a colorful statement!

Here are some ideas to fuel your imagination on how you can style some thigh high sock outfits:

Mix & Match Colors and Patterns

Do you own two different pairs of fishnet thigh highs? Mix and match the patterns or colors for a head turning look. You’ll definitely get noticed. You can use shades of the same color for a more cohesive look, or pick complementary colors from the color wheel. Try to make sure they do have something in common when picking different colors, like length or pattern to not draw attention from the rest of your look, or go completely experimental with it, you decide.

Keep It Monochrome

Who said monochrome is boring? There’s something about monochrome looks that is so aesthetically pleasing. Using thigh high fishnet tights can add texture and interest since this look is playing within the same color. And also, you can use thigh high socks with lace tops to keep things even more interesting in the texture department.

Add Oomph to Plain Dresses

Take a short plain black dress, or any basic dress you have, add some over the knee hosiery, a pair of boots, and voila! Instant transformation. The boots definitely give it an edgy look.

Dress Up a Long Hoodie

This is a not so “usual” look, but take a long hoodie (the longer the better), wear some short shorts, or a mini skirt under it, and boom, you have a new outfit showing off your legs with over the knee socks. Want to one up it? Pair a dark hoodie with very colorful thigh highs. The contrast is so much fun!

Socks Over Tights

For the adventurous in nature (and we assume that’s all of you), wear the thigh high socks over a pair of tights. More color, more contrast, more interest. Want to push it even further? Wear a single sock over the tights for an asymmetrical look.

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