Fishnet Shirt Outfit Ideas

Fishnet shirts aren’t a new concept at all, but the fact that we carry over 50 colors of long sleeve fishnets is pretty unique. We hope you enjoy the fishnet shirt outfit ideas we’ve put together, to show you, it can be punk, it can be art, it can be classic, and most importantly it can be you!

Over a Colorful Dress

Pick your favorite tight little sleeveless number, and throw on a black fishnet shirt over it. It makes it a little punk and a whole lotta of fun. You could totally do it backwards top. Tight little black dress, colorful fishnet shirt on top.

Layered Below a Pattern

Patterns and texture have a way to just make you do a double take. Have a loose sleeveless shirt or dress with a lot of patterns? Pair it with a muted fishnet tone, like white, to add some texture and interest without it being too over the top. Or, maybe you want to make it over the top, then go with a bold color.

fishnet shirt

Wear it As Is

You heard us right! What better and more obvious way to wear a long sleeve fishnet shirt, than, as it is. You can wear pasties to cover *ahem* certain parts, a bra, a bikini top, tube etc…but let it shine on it’s own. Show off your body, and also play with colors. Remember we have over 50 to choose from!

Under a Tube Top Dress

You can never go wrong with denim, right? A pop of red or white is always killer with denim. Fishnet shirts go so well with tube tops and dresses. You can either go monochrome, or maybe go with completely contrasting colors.

Crop Top Fishnet

Long sleeve crop tops offer a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Pick one with a pop of color, pair it with a bikini top and shorts for a laid back easy summer look. If you can add a pattern with shorts, even better.

Fishnet tops are definitely a statement piece in any wardrobe. As you can see, they are easy to style, and are so versatile. You won’t have any problem coming up with ideas to style them. Picking a color however, that’s the tricky part, especially since we carry over 50 colors of fishnet long sleeve tops. Black, red, yellow etc…you’re going to be addicted and want them all, you’ve been warned.