Dance Tights in Rainbow Colors

We Love Colors has been known to be the go-to place for dance tights, in all the colors of the rainbow and other forty three shades more. Since 2002 we have been providing colored tights to Broadway shows, dance schools, theater groups, films and of course a variety of individual customers that have found their place here with our inclusive sizing options and excellent quality.

Our Style# 1053 aka microfiber tights or dance tights have become famous and ranked top 5 amongst other tights on this category for its’ opacity with an 80 denier thickness, softness and durability, having an average life of 3 years, even though we have heard of them lasting five and even eight years. These come in 4 different sizes starting at S/M and ending at 5X-8X. They may seem small when you look at them right out of the package, but they WILL stretch a lot. You won’t find a band around the thighs, they are knitted the same way waist to toe. For kids dancers we have Style# 1075, our kids microfiber tights.

To show our dance tights in action we traveled to Boston last month and got to shoot the wonderful dancers at The Dance Connection, even at their young age they were extremely professional posing only in tights and leotards on a thirty degrees temperature and wet grass. They were wearing our microfiber tights, their point shoes on top, that after got covered with a cut out piece of tights so their legs were all one color. Also featured on this shoot our Style# 5008 turtleneck leotard and Style# 3601 wrist gloves.

Thank you to each dancer for being part of this photoshoot. We had a blast!

If you have questions regarding our dance tights or any other of our products feel free to email us at or if you are in the USA call at 305 889 0793.