Styling Tights from Fall to Spring

Styling Looks With Tights I am Arianette and color makes me happy.
As a counselor and a bit of a psychology nerd I took an immediate interest in the psychology of color. Green for independence, blue for relaxation, yellow for energy, purple for beauty. I wanted to take these theories out of my art therapy groups and into my life. So I filled my closet with a rainbow of hues and got started.

Incorporating color into a wardrobe is easy if you have a drawer-full of We Love Colors tights like I do! Pairing tights with my daily look gives me even more creativity in planning an outfit. Here are some of the ways I make tights work from autumn to spring.

1. Choose one color in a print, add tights that match and make that splash of color pop! This is one of my favorite ways to change up an outfit by bringing out a subtle color you might not notice in an often-worn dress.

2. No tights to match your dress?Add an accessory. Use fun shoes, a scarf, bag, brooch or statement necklace to tie your colors together and achieve a coordinated look.

3. Say it with me, COLOR BLOCKING! Contrasting panels of colors in brights tones. Match your shirt to your shoes and your tights to your bag and you’ve got it. If you’re short on coordinated pieces, you can also go with a solid dress with tights in a contrasting color and call it good.

4. Go for complementary hues. There are so many examples in nature of colors that seem to clash but actually look fantastic together! Be inspired by the palettes around you and don’t be afraid to experiment. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. You can always try again tomorrow.

How do you wear your We Love Colors tights? Share your ideas with us by tagging #WeLoveColorsUSA and @welovecolors on social media. For more ideas on how to style your tights visit me at @arianette_b on Instagram.

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