We Love Colors Gloves

Gloves have been used since the 13th century to express personal style among both men and women. We are proud to help carry on this tradition through our glove styles available in all of our 50 solid colors and splash designs, which are dyed fresh daily right here in our warehouse in Miami, FL. And…yes! Our neon shades do glow in blacklight.

Women’s Gloves

Style# 3405: Solid Color Wrist Gloves

Our wrist gloves are a favorite among performers, stylists, costumers as well as cosplayers. They are often the final touch that brings the whole costume or look together. Made from a blend of 83% nylon and 17% spandex, these gloves also have a subtle sheen which is most visible in sunlight. Available in One Size, these gloves are made to fit adults but may also fit pre-teens and teens as well. (Ages 12+)

We also offer a kids version, our Style# 3171

See how The Wrap Life used Style# 3405 in their recent editorial here

Style# 3407: Shoulder Gloves

Often referred to as opera-length gloves our Style# 3407: Shoulder Gloves sit right between your shoulder and elbow, depending on the length of your arm. These gloves are also One Size and made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex, allowing for a good amount of stretch to fit most arm sizes. This glove style also has a subtle sheen. The color is completely opaque and will cover tattoos.

Harper’s Bazaar Thailand shows one example of how our Shoulder Gloves can be styled here.

Men’s Gloves

Style# 3505: Men’s Wrist Gloves

Made to fit snug like a second-skin, our Men’s Wrist Gloves are made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex to fit almost all hand sizes while still allowing for your hands to breath. In bright light or sunlight these gloves will show a subtle sheen but the color is completely opaque. These wrist gloves are a favorite among performers as they are very durable and with proper care can be used for years.

Cakeboy Magazine makes us ponder life’s little wonders with Style# 3505 here

Style# 3507: Men’s Shoulder Gloves

For maximum coverage, our Style# 3507 is the best. These nylon and spandex blend gloves cover your arm almost all the way up to your shoulder. The top is made of the same fabric folded in creating an invisible band at the end which allows for enough stretch to fit most arm sizes. Our Shoulder Gloves are completely opaque fabric, you won’t be able to see the hair in your arm or tattoos! Like the Style# 3505, these gloves also have a subtle sheen to them.

Local stylist, Mila Kastari often uses Style# 3507 in her work. Click here for Steadfast Magazine publication featuring our Shoulder Gloves.