7 Creative Ways To Wear Tights and Socks

At We Love Colors we believe that fashion is a way of expression, that’s why we provide you with all of our products in the widest variety of colors for you to play with, be creative, and explore a world of possibilities. We offer 8 different types of socks in ankle and crew length and knee highs in solid colors, sheer options and splash colors (our tie dye collection),and yeah! also fishnets with tiny and wide net.

We have compiled a few looks that stylists, customers, and bloggers put together using our products that you can use as inspiration. We wan’t to see how you all do it your own way, being your unique self.

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Glitter Fishnets Diy Rhinestones

1. Socks and Heels: Some people like to pick contrasting colors, but you can also go with the same color shade, or even the exact same color that in the end will look more like a boot!
1.1 Sabina Plestilova, Photographed by Colleen Mescole, Styled by Lauren Abbondola.
1.2 Pibe Magazine featuring Jazzelle Photographed by Jason Kim, Styled by Rachel Gilman. Featuring Style# 1551 – Nylon Socks in Emerald and Baby Blue and Baby Blue

2. Socks and Sandals: Some members of the We Love Colors’ team really like this look, it’s bold and extremely comfortable.
2.1 Elle Magazine, February 22, 2018, Hailey Baldwin Photographed by Mariano Vivanco Styled by Anna Trevelyan.
2.2 The Wrap Life SS 2018, Photographed by Mirza Babic, Styled by Jarae Holieway. Featuring Style# 1529 – Microfiber Socks in Pastel Mint and Orange
2.3 Style# 1527 – Sheer Anklets in Light Pink and Orange

3. Socks Over Fishnets: You can choose to wear socks or tights…but why not trying to combine them both? Fishnets are a good option for this style combination since they still give your legs space to breathe when adding another layer onto your feet.
3.1 L.O.M Fashion, May 2017, Olivia Harriet and Marianna Skupien Photographed by Sofi Adams, Styled by Twinks Burnett. Featuring Style# 1529 – Microfiber Socks in Neon Green
Style# 1451 – Lurex Glitter Fishnets in Neon Pink
Style# 1405 – Diamond Fishnets in Neon Pink
3.2 Style# 1451 – Lurex Glitter Fishnets in Black
Style# 1551 – Nylon Socks in Splash Color #7205
3.3 Style# 1401 – Fishnets in Turquoise
Style# 1529 – Microfiber Socks in Kelly Green

4. Fishnets over tights. One day one of our loyal customers, Alison, posted a photo of her layering tights with bright fishnets and we totally loved it. This was about 3 years ago, and now it seems to be a micro-trend. It’s awesome how colors can create an optical illusion when you layer them with contrasting fabrics, colors, or textures.
4.1 Katie Gallagher SS18 Fashion Campaign, Photographed by Israel Veintidos, Styled by Katie Gallagher.
4.2 Katie Gallagher FW18 Fashion Collection.
4.3 Style# 1053 – Microfiber Tights in Scout Green
Style# 1405 – Diamond Fishnets in Teal

5. Tights over shoes. Wearing tights over shoes can save you when you don’t have a pair of shoes that perfectly matches your outfit. Slipping tights over heels you already own may be a fun look for the night and it will definitely make your legs look longer.
5.1 One Magazine, Issue 14, Veronika Risakova Photographed by Ruo Bing Li, Styled by Yuiko Ikebata.
5.2 Ladygunn Magazine
5.3 Joshua Sengespeick FW18. All Stories featuring Style# 1053 – Microfiber Tights

6. Customized Tights. Adding some rhinestones to your hosiery can turn those everyday fishnets into the perfect tights to wear to a party, dinner or even some music festival.
6.1 New York Fashion Week, February 12, 2018, AREA Fall 2018 Collection.
featuring Style# 1405 – Diamond Fishnets
6.2 Style# 1451 – Lurex Glitter Fishnets in Emerald

7. Fishnets over Fishnets. Combining different types of fishnets (like in the picture) can effortlessly create amazing and unique textures. You can also try mixing smaller and wider mesh for a 3D effect.
7.1 Nylon Magazine Germany, SS 2018, Photographed by Kale Friesen, Styled by Lexy Rose. Featuring Style# 1405 – Diamond Fishnets in Red and
Style# 1403 – Wide Mesh Fishnets in Neon Pink

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