Halloween Costume Contest Winners 2017

Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Halloween Costume Contest Winners 17

Halloween is by far our favorite time of the year. We get to talk to a wide variety of customers with so many creative ideas and DIY costumes on their minds using our colorful items as the main part of it or in a complementary way.

This year we had so many quality submissions, a few contestants used We Love Colors tights on their arms by making arm socks to achieve colored skin, others opted for creating invented characters such “Captain Amazeballs” or “Meower Ranger” a mix of Cat and Power Ranger which is brilliant.

We enjoy seeing what you guys come up with year after year.

Winners for the Halloween Costume Contest 2017 were selected using the following criteria: Creativity 30%, Design 30%, Use of We Love Colors 30%, Photography 10%. Congratulations to all the participants, specially to our winners.


FIRST PLACE: Lego Batman Family

They used a purple leotard, purple leggings and purple tights modified to make Batgirl’s cowl/mask, yellow long sleeve gloves. On Lego Robin: red leotard, green boy cut shorts, green wrist gloves and green tights modified to be sleeves.

SECOND PLACE: Yellow Diamond & Blue Diamond

Yellow and Blue diamond used We Love Colors tights as arm socks to make their skin yellow and blue.


Sally is wearing We Love Colors tights on her arms and legs, she cut the crotch part to wear them as a shirt and painted the cut out part with black to match Sally’s stitches.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD The most voted entry on the adults section was Sailor Moon wearing WLC shoulder gloves in white, with 80 votes.


FIRST PLACE: Babe Ruthless from Whip It, wearing We Love Colors Spruce Green tights.

SECOND PLACE: Applejack from My little Pony, wearing a long sleeve leotard and tights in Gold.

THIRD PLACE: The happiest Lil’ Chickie, wearing yellow and white striped tights.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD The most voted entry on the kids section was little Pikachu, wearing kids yellow tights with 147 votes.