We love seeing how photographers and artists use We Love Colors in their projects. This artistic video piece by JUCO fills our hearts with color! If you aren’t familiar with the work of JUCO you should absolutely follow them on Instagram for a daily dose of color and photography magic! We Love Colors can be seen is many of their photo projects and we are thrilled to feature one in this post.

Our We Love Colors Nylon/Lycra/Microfiber tights can be seen above on all of the performers in various bright colors. Colors shown are Neon Pink, Royal, Light Orange, Scout Green, Maize, Scarlet Red, and Spruce Green.

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Additional Credits:

Talent: Arianna Few, Bee Tavaglione, Camile Yaptinchay, Carla Tempesta, Chloe Trujillo, Erin Wilson and Nettie Rose Freed.

Production: Producer: Zoe Buck. Executive Producer: Ian Blair at Dictator films. Cinematography by Alex Themistocleous. Edited by Niles Howard. And colored by Arianna Pane at Velem.

Art Design: Choreographed by Samantha Goodman. Production Design by Dane Johnson. Wardrobe Styling by JAK. Hair by Ashley Lynn Hall. Make up by Gloria Noto. Nails by Kait Mosh. Music by Haruomi Hosono – Cosmic Surfing.