I, Tonya Movie- December 2017

I Tonya Movie Poster

I Tonya Movie Poster

Movie: I, Tonya

Release Date: December 8, 2017

Stylist: Claudia Sarbu

We Love Colors Styles Featured: Style 1053: Nylon/Lycra/Microfiber Tights

Style# 5008: Adult Turtleneck Leotard

Style# 5002: Adult Scoopneck Leotard

Style# 5077: Kids Turtleneck Leotard

Style# 5071: Kids Scoopneck Leotard

Style# 1077:Microfiber Kids Tights

Colors Featured: Black, Baby Blue, Scarlet Red, Yellow, Navy, Purple, Mint Green, Peach

We Love Colors tights and leotards for both adults and kids can be see throughout the movie on actress Margot Robbie and several child actors who play Tonya Harding’s fellow skating students. Watch the movie for yourself and see how many We Love Colors styles you can spot!

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