How To Have The Best Picnic

Picnics can be ruined by ants, rain, and wandering bears, but they’re usually pretty fun and whimsical! All you need is a blanket to sit on, something to carry your stuff in, and a place to enjoy your picnic time.

Food is traditionally brought on a picnic, but that’s not all you have to bring. Have you ever had an art picnic? Bring some creative projects to work on, a book to read, or just some sunglasses and a pillow to sunbathe afterwards.

Parks are the number one spot we think of for picnic locations, but you can set up a picnic anywhere! The beach, your backyard, or even indoors! Make some room in your house to spread out a blanket and bring in some fake ficus trees to add that element of outdoors.

Your picnic can be romantic, with friends, or done solo. Honestly, going outdoors by yourself with the intent to spend time alone with a new book, your sketching, or some cupcakes can be very relaxing and enjoyable.

What’s your idea of a perfect picnic?

Model: Leigh Tyberg
Photo Credit: Maura Housley

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