Fraggle Rock Costume

Mari Dickson is incredibly talented with creating costumes. She makes them for her daughter, Mallory, who has even won awards like “Best Youth Villain” at Akron Comic Con last year. Although, in Mari’s opinion, that costume doesn’t rival the “Red”costume she made for Mallory one Halloween with lots of We Love Colors products.

Mari’s husband loves Jim Henson, and their family has enjoyed introducing their daughter to Fraggle Rock on DVDs from a very young age. When she was two, Mari decided to create a costume for her daughter of Red, the energetic Muppet on Fraggle Rock.

Mallory’s costume included our yellow tights and a yellow shoe lace tied around her head. She’s also wearing one of our unitards underneath which doesn’t show through, but kept Mal warm all night long while she was out trick-or-treating!

The rest of the costume includes a bubble romper, upholstery foam, funnel neck sweater, and ostrich fringe among other supplies.

We love the creativity and detail this costume required, and we’re so happy to have been a part of it! It’s never too late to plan your Halloween costume or dress up for no reason whatsoever! We’d love to see your We Love Colors inspired costumes!

Send Us your photos. Thank you so much! We Love Colors