Pastel Prom Party

Gloomth is where goth meets romance, and we love the mixture of party and melancholy they bring to the world! It reminds us it’s important to embrace all our emotions and express ourselves however feels right.

Pastel Prom Party - We Love Colors (1)

They do lots of gorgeous photoshoots out of their location in Canada, and we’re particularly fond of this pastel prom party photoshoot they did with our striped tights!

Pastel Prom Party - We Love Colors (3)

Her outfit is fantastic, but we’re also really appreciate of the small details and accessories! The lavender drip eye make-up, the gems on her tiara, the pastels streaks in her hair. Everything adds up to a brilliant outfit! Plus, I doubt I was the only one to immediately take off her shoes at prom, so I’m sure this sans shoes look identifies with many!

Pastel Prom Party - We Love Colors (2)

We also love the idea that you don’t need anyone else to have a party! Spending time with yourself can be a ton of fun, where you get to know yourself and celebrate without worrying about pleasing other people!

Pastel Prom Party - We Love Colors (5)

You can find Gloomth on their website and Facebook, and check out our striped tights on our website!