Mix Your Patterns!

Mix Your Patterns - We Love Colors (1)

Kayla Hadlington has a lot of style, pizzazz, and quirk. Something we really love about her is her willingness to mix patterns, textures, and colors that some people wouldn’t! Life is all about finding your unique voice, and part of your voice is expressed in your personal style!Mix Your Patterns - We Love Colors (4)

In this particular outfit, Kayla mixes a quilted skirt, leopard print top, snake skin jacket, and cartoon backpack with our fishnet tights. On paper that might seem like her outfit would “clash”, but we have nothing but positive reviews and smiles over here! She’s owning that outfit, and she looks amazing.Mix Your Patterns - We Love Colors (2)

If you’re looking for more inspiration style, you can follow Kayla on Instagram, and you can check out her original post here.Mix Your Patterns - We Love Colors (3)