Dresses Can Be Shirts, Too!

Who says you have to wear a dress as a dress or a scarf as a scarf? We think you should be able to express yourself however you want. If you want to wear a pair of socks over your tights, pull a maxi skirt up high so it’s a dress, or cut holes in tights so you can pull them over your head as sleeves then do it! Clothing is yours to interpret, adjust, and make your own.Dresses Are Shirts Too - We Love Colors (2)

We love the way Helene Lester-Card of HelliBells has tucked in our tiger print dress into her vintage trousers so it appears to be a shirt!Dresses Are Shirts Too - We Love Colors (1)

Actually, we love her whole outfit. Check out that rainbow bag and textured vintage coat! She really knows how to combine colors, patterns, and textures.Dresses Are Shirts Too - We Love Colors (3)

You can see Helene’s original post here and keep up with her fantastic outfits on her Instagram.

Have you ever worn an item of clothing in a way it wasn’t originally intended?