5 Ways To Celebrate The Olympics

It’s that time again… for the Summer Olympics! This year they’re being held in Rio, Brazil and there are 28 different sports to watch like gymnastics, swimming, and fencing! The Olympics are watched around the world by tens of millions of people, supporting their country’s home team. There are eleven thousand athletes participating this year, and it’s such an honor to get to compete at the highest level!
If you’re looking to celebrate the Olympics this month, we’ve got five ideas for you! You can also get 10% off our entire site to get all the colors you need to celebrate in colorful style! Use code “WLCOlympics” at checkout.

5 Ways To Celebrate The Olympics

1) Throw A Party

You could throw a party to watch the opening ceremonies on August 5th, or any other day when there’s a competition you want to watch!
Tips for throwing an Olympics Party: make rings out of solid colored frosted cupcakes, hand out medals for party games, decorate with national flag garlands, use food dye to make colorful Olympic shots, make a playlist of your favorite Brazilian or sports-themed music, have a DIY craft table with Olympic-themed projects for people to make, line your walkway with mini torches

2) Make The Olympic Circles Out Of Different Materials

It’s really fun to connect the five main colors out of different materials to replicate the official logo! Use blue, red, yellow, black, and green to create their trademark.
Materials you can use to make the Olympic Circles: tights, socks, pipe cleaners, pom poms, buttons, flowers, confetti, glitter, ties, fabric, shoe laces, belts, ribbon, beads, balloons
3) Track The Games
Keep a log of the winners and points of all the games and/or play Olympics Bingo where you pay attention for specific games, athletes, and key phrases.
Things to put on your Olympics Bingo boards: Rio, Olympic rings, gold medal, torch, national anthem, Greek, equestrian, summer, victory, baton, meters, polo, Asian flag
4) Dress Up To Support Your Team

Every country has their own unique set of colors to represent their nation. You can dress up in those colors to support your country’s team. For example, if you live in the United States you could wear red, white, and blue.
Clothes and accessories you can wear in your country’s colors: shirts, tutus, sunglasses, wigs, socks, tights, leotards, shoes, shoelaces, ties, hair ties, skirts, pom poms, necklaces, fake mustaches, foam fingers, mini flags, feather boas, gloves, hats, bandanas, face paint, headbands, hair bows, tiaras, temporary tattoos, megaphones.
5) Get Active
Recreate some of the games you watch your favorite teams play on TV! Some you can practice on your own, and some you can get your friends together to play with you! You can dress up in fun costumes, start a local recreational league, or just take lessons on something that interests you to get up and active like the athletes we see!

Olympic games you can practice on your own (without a team): gymnastics, archery, surfing, karate, diving, canoeing, weight lifting, swimming, cycling, and track and field

How are you going to celebrate the Olympic Games this year? Don’t forget to get 10% off storewide on your team’s colors!
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