We Love Colors Sew & Chill

Sew Chill is a handmade clothing line based in the US that focuses on #comfortwithstyle. April’s designs allows children to be “boutique” stylish in basic and practical wear. She will be releasing a Mommy line very soon to complement daughter’s Sew Chill outfits so stay tuned!
She has been a customer of ours for a while and she matches each of her designs with We Love Colors Microfiber footless tights as these are so fun and comfortable for the kids, they tend to be the perfect match for Sew Chill.
This cutie pie, we mean cupcake is Genevieve, April’s muse and model. We don’t know what she does, but Genevieve manages to be extremely adorable in every single picture.

Do you guys have your costumes ready? Remember that our annual Halloween Costume contest is now live and submissions close November 10th.

This racerback dress is perfect for the halloween season and with purple tights …Baaam!

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