Best of 2015

Can you believe it’s the end of 2015? We hope your year has been the best one yet! We believe in acknowledging our accomplishments in life, no matter how small, so on this last day of the year we wanted to share some highlights from these past twelve months with you.

We Love Colors was featured in many international magazines Numero China , Elle Malaysia, Singles Korea, Vanity Fair Italy and that’s just a handful!

We had more artists contribute to our Inspired By Blog than any other year, creating unique artful projects with We Love Colors products.

Our presence has been growing in the cosplay community, and we got to see creative and colorful costumes like Courtoon’s. We Love Colors participated in several conventions, including Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA.

We were lucky enough to be featured on The Today show and celebrities even took notice of us! Pharrel’s “Freedom” performance at the EMAs in Milan, Italy was a lot more colorful thanks to our leotards!

We brought our YouTube channel back to life, and we even traveled to New York to make this video for you.
We revamped our Style blog…
And we more than doubled our Instagram (@welovecolors) following!
What are you proud of from 2015? We wanna know! Share with us in the comments or Tweet it to us @welovecolors ! Have an amazing evening!

Send Us your photos. Thank you so much! We Love Colors