Fresh Flowers and Light grey tights

Can you feel the smell of flowers on Polly’s head? She just made for fist time a fresh flower crown and it came out really good. Make her outfit even cuter, if that’s possible. Her signature style is vintage inspired, sweet and very girly. On this outfit she mainly wore light tones, an ivory top and skirt, pastel pink socks and light grey We Love Colors tights. To break with the pale color palette Polly added a bright orange on her lips and a vintage plaid suitcase. She feels like if she popped out from a modern version of the movie Brigadoon, she said in her blog. 

Polly Bland - light grey-tights- 1053-we love colors Polly Bland - light grey-tights- 1053- Polly Bland - light grey-tights- 1053