Bright Butterfly Smiles

This adorable blogger was delighted as she discovered the new styling possibilities with layering socks on tights!

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She shows us two different outfits where she wore We Love Colors Yellow Sports Socks and Pastel Mint Nylon Socks

555Check out her blog, Butterflies on Mars!


“..I am not a huge sock fan honestly, I prefer bare feet when I am in the house and most of the time I wear tights with my shoes. HOWEVER, these socks are a different story. I wouldn’t endorse these if I did not love them, and I have to say I LOVE THEM! First of all, look at all the colors!!! You can get these in yellow (like above) or lavender or turquoise, or just simple black, or whatever color you please! It’s nice to be able to get such a stylish basic in any and every color of the rainbow..”