The Unintentional Patriot

Terra of Stylish White Female Wearing We Love Colors Crochet Fishnet Tights Style# 1452 in Navy
I was feeling a little punchy today. So I went for stripes on stripes on patterned tights. A colleague mentioned that I looked very patriotic. That certainly wasn’t my intent. I was thinking more nautical than anything. But there’s nothing wrong with being a little patriotic, I guess. Speaking of, did you hear the story about Frank Buckles? Mr. Buckles was the last surviving American World War I veteran. He passed away on Sunday at the age of 110. He wanted to serve his country so badly that he lied about being 16 so that he could enlist. He was in a Japanese POW camp for three years as a civilian during WWII. He was so sharp that he appeared before Congress in 2009 advocating for the World War I memorial in DC as the National World War I Memorial. I don’t know why Mr. Buckles’ story stuck with me today. Maybe it’s because his passing means the memory of a major event in our nation’s history is slipping further away. Maybe it was his unabashed dedication to his country. Maybe it was his long life. I just feel like it would have been amazing to meet this man.