AfterShock: Marine Life Emergency Pillow

Multimedia artist, Jennifer Zackin, debuted her AfterShock project at the 2010 Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn, NY as part of Pillow Pageant, for which 16 artists designed pillows inspired by US patent applications. The installation Zackin chose to create was inspired by a patent submitted in 1923 called Pillow, Marine Life Saving Belt, and the Like and was used to call attention to the ongoing effects of the Gulf Coast oil spill and as a reminder of our dependence on fossil fuels.

Zackin was impressed by the impact Matter of Trust was making through their creation of hair booms (oil-absorbent nylon tubes filled with donated human and animal hair) and decided to make an installation that could be donated to Matter of Trust at the end of the exhibition for use in cleaning up the spill. To help make this happen, We Love Colors donated approximately 500 of our recyclable tights to the project, resulting in a beautiful and inspiring work of art.

Womens Tights
89354 Aftershock Brooklynbridge Sm
Dec75 Aftershock Up Sm
738Dc Aftershock4
Click here for more information on Jennifer Zackin's installation.

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