We Love Shopping With Kids!

We Love Colors recently helped the Kiwanis Organization and local Miami Gardens Police Department once again for a special annual event, "Shop with a Cop," something that could not have been made possible without the collaborative efforts of Wal-Mart, which donated $50 gift cards to all the disadvantaged children in the community who attended, allowing them to buy much needed school supplies and clothing.

We Love Colors has worked with the local police department in "Shop with a Cop" events since 2008. For this event, approximately 60 kids, ranging in age from 5 to 13 years old, were assisted by volunteers to shop for notebooks, school supplies, clothing, and many other items they might not have been able to afford. We Love Colors volunteers guided the eager little shoppers through the superstore and helped them pick out items to purchase. Both the kids and the volunteers had a lot of fun! The event was a fantastic success and truly meant a lot to this struggling community.

Many thanks to the Kiwanis Organization! We Love Colors shares their vision to help the children in the community. And a big thank you to the Miami Gardens Police Department for organizing this wonderful and much-needed event!

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