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I honestly love wlc products so much, they’re always such high quality and they’re so versatile with whatever I need them for. The only thing I will say is that it is a little bit on the expensive side. I understand that the colors are very specialized, but I know for a fact that myself and others would order our nylon/Lycra from wlc much more often if they were just a few dollars cheaper.
By Ty on 10/16/2019
I didn't know what the difference was between products. For example, what's the difference between Nylon/Lycra vs Nylon/Lycra Microfiber. However, I love the color selection and the plus-size selection keeps me coming back.
By Annie on 10/12/2019
The only place online to find tights for a costume for big and tall men that are in colors . I scoured the internet and found nothing other then women’s nylons marketed to men. The first order got a run in them so now trying the spandex verson .
By Alex on 10/3/2019
As long as this company still exists, I will never buy tights anywhere else. Their nylon/lycra tights are the best, ever.
By Jenn on 9/18/2019
I wear fishnets to hide leg imperfections that nylon pantyhose don't. Also in the summertime fishnets allow your legs to breathe as nylon pantyhose don't. So this website has many colors to make it fun. also the website is protected easy and quick to navigate.
By Online Shopper on 5/17/2019
I would like to know, why the female tights are just glorified nylons that run at the slightest pick, yet men have a choice of a dance quality and are actually /tights/. I would have preferred the male versions as this is the second pair of We Love Colours tights because of runs. If I wanted nylons, I would buy nylons. While the colour was perfect (it was for a costume), the quality or rather lack of choice of type of /actual/ tights is disappointing. I wanted more of a fabric type of tights than nylons. If someone wants a large range of colour options, I will suggest We Love Color, but I will also warn them that they may not be great for extended wear.
By AW on 5/15/2019
The Regular nylon tights are not very durable, but for the price that was ok. Excited to try the high quality ones. Color selection outstanding :)
By Bratatouille on 5/2/2019
I went to order plain light pink tights but they were out of stock in the size I needed but luckily they had another option (the nylon tights). I’m still a little confused on the sipping though. They had the different options and they showed the prices for each but I have no idea how long each of them would take to actually get to my house. Even though I ordered from them before, I don’t remember how long it took. I’m going to need the tights in less than a month so I sure hope it doesn’t take that long. I just went with the cheapest option for shipping but I’m just hoping it’ll get here in time. Otherwise, everything else went smoothly. The rest ordering processes was clear and easy.
By Lauren on 4/28/2019
I loved the nylon leggings i bought! And i didn't reallt like the gloves i got but im sure that i just need to stretch them out a bit so they arent as heavy on my skin or tight on my arms
By Online Shopper on 4/20/2019
I was looking on Instagram and noticed that WeLoveColors had come out with Nylon Gloves so no more painting my hands when I need to do body paint! I'm so excited and can't wait to get them!
By Jamie on 3/11/2019
We Love Colors has the most awesome, beautiful tights! I love buying them to coordinate with the outfits I make for my granddaughters. EVERYONE compliments me on them and says how much they "make" the outfit! I have contacted customer service in the past, and they are friendly, kind, and helpful. I will always buy my granddaughters' tights from them. This is my first purchase of nylon/spandex tights (usually buy the microfiber tights) and I am anxious to see what they are like (hoping they might be a little cooler/thinner than the others, since this is for Easter outfits).
By Happy Nana on 2/27/2019
WeLoveColors has great products, but if you are a man, don't buy the Men's performance tights, they have raised the prices from $38.00 to $65.00. Until they lower the prices back down, you should find another shop to buy from. On a slightly more positive note, the women's Plus-sized nylon-lycra tights for $15.00 each are still a good buy. I'm 6ft and 200lbs and the size "E" fits me well. As long as the price stays at $15.00 I will probably continue to buy those. Shipping for your purchases are a hair slow, so just keep that in mind when placing your order. I really like that you can view your purchase history on their website. This really helps when placing future orders.
By Sabre on 2/25/2019
I would like more options when it comes to fabric content (spandex, nylon ratio) - I would like the option of support tights.
By Online Shopper on 10/20/2018
I love how welovecolors has opaque leggings and nylons which are perfect for customizing and save a lot of time and money no lo get having to use face paint. They also have really reasonable prices!
By Hantram on 10/17/2018

I love how welovecolors has opaque leggings and nylons which are perfect for customizing and save a lot of time and money no lo get having to use face paint. They also have really reasonable prices!

By Hantram on 10/17/2018
I was happy to find a site with lots of colors of tights to choose from (GOOD colors!) I was uncertain about whether to order the microfiber of the nylon/lycra. I would have liked more information about the differences between the two. The page with all the different colors was helpful but it would be better if you could see the detailed color photos on the same page where you order. Great selection though
By Mk on 10/5/2018
I wish the various styles of tights had very different names. It looks like they have several different style #s, but each is called "Plus sized Nylon/Lycra solid tights". It's difficult to discern the difference between them. But, I look forward to receiving my items & seeing if they stay up and if the colors are accurate.
By KellyK on 9/26/2018

been a customer for about 15 years. your leotards hold up amazingly well. very hard to find nylon leotards in my size and you have them. love the colors. your tights are the best too. will be ordering again,,, and again. keep up the great work!

By Online Shopper on 6/27/2018

The best parts of my ordering experience were the wide range of colors, and the affordable/fair prices. The only improvements would be if the exact fabric ratios (% of nylon, lycra, spandex, etc) and denier could be listed for every item (these are listed for the women's sizes, but not for the children's items). Also, close-up/zoomed-in pictures of the materials/tights would have been a little helpful in giving me an idea of what the stretch/knit would be like in person. Individual photos for every color would be ideal. Lastly, the phone-in menu doesn't list an option for product inquiries (though it does cover everything else! The call-in options are clear, but it would have been nice to be able to talk to a rep to get more information on the thickness of a couple different options). Overall, I'm very pleased with my experience!

By Gabby on 6/20/2018

The only thing I would add is the material composition of the leotards and unitards. Ie. In a cotton/nylon leotard from say eurotard I wear a 3x but if made from a more stretchy material I can wear an xl. I am incontinent and use these to keep things in place when running and working out etc.

By dfeifer on 5/18/2018