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I love this website because they have so many hosiery options and sizes. I would like to see different patterns available at some point. I don’t know the difference in materials, so I just stick with nylon lycra. I think that’s fine.
By lynn on 12/19/2020
I bought a pair about less than two months ago and they started having runs right away. I was disappointed because these nylon tights are way to expensive for them to be tearing up. I only like this site cause I can find the different colors that I need.
By Vanilla Bean on 11/28/2020
Never buy again not true to size I’m 91/2 size I pick ,size 10 to 13 in the nylon material. The nylon doesn’t even stretch feels like thin cotton hard to get on same with the size I tried to wash them to stretch no good threw all socks in garbage, Stupid me I should known better plus the price very expensive $48. For six pairs . So I’m out on the items and the money I lost buying from We love colors I will never tell anyone to buy from We love colors from the bad experience I had never again.
By Kev on 10/5/2020
I was looking for colored nylon gloves to use for a cosplay, and they had exactly what I needed! I will definitely be buying from them again.
By Chris on 8/23/2020
The products are top notch! The customer service is awesome. The nylon anklet socks are so so so amazing! I recommend!! The
By Nylons101 on 6/20/2020
I love this site to buy my nylon socks! The socks are so beautiful! The nylon luxurious!
By Nylon Bobby sock Girl on 6/4/2020
As always, the color selection is fantastic. I really wish there were more views of the products, though, so that you can see where seams are placed, since I'm working on a cosplay character with a lot of visible skin. Also, it would be amazing if WLC offered full coverage nylon body stockings!
By KrisJade on 6/1/2020
Was told by my physician that a nylon spandex pantyhose helps a lot of patient’s restless leg syndrome symptoms. So tried a pair and now I don’t need to take the meds now. The quality, fit and how comfortable this product is A+. I have placed large order for more.
By Art on 5/13/2020
I was interested in getting some nylon solid socks but every time I clicked the image it would load a different pair with no options to get to the area to put them in the cart or select a different color. It would just randomly show another image with each click.
By Kat on 5/7/2020
The nylon/Lycra fishnets are amazing and very durable! The only reason my previous ones ripped was from being caught and pulled.
By Samantha H. on 5/3/2020
Some of the categories are arbitrary…dividing by gender when it's the same style and there's no difference in size, or "knee high socks" when plain "socks" ALSO includes knee high length. More specifics on the fabrics would be nice, because two items with the same denier, opacity, composition, and finish aren't necessarily the same fabric, and the reasoning behind the composition for a particular style isn't clear (for example, tank and long-sleeve bodysuits being 100% nylon, but short-sleeve bodysuits have some spandex in them? Why? That all sounds really negative, but for a 1st time purchaser, it's not easy to determine what the difference between some styles are, and why I would choose one or the other.
By Nathan on 4/25/2020
The experience I had with We Love Colors was great. I don't know about the quality of the products yet, but I'm very excited to receive them soon. They look like they'll fit my needs perfectly. I just wish they had more options of tights that are 100% nylon or at least nylon and lycra. The online shopping experience was great and so was the purchasing experience as well. Everything was very up front and straightforward with no surprises.
By OmbreColors on 4/19/2020
I'm so sick of buying nylons that run, or come in drab colors; it's so easy to pick some pretty yet neutral colors to pair with a fun outfit; add a blousy shirt and a pair of ripped denim shorts and you're good to go! The store is simple and straight-forward to navigate, and the check out (with multiple shipping and payment options) is fool proof.
By IceQueen on 4/15/2020
The pictures suck. I would like to see some in depth pictures that really show off the colors. It's confusing what the difference is between the fabric/textile choices in tights. Nylon/lycra or nulon/spandex...I can't tell the difference in the 1 teeny pic available. I'm a plus size drag queen and tights are important for those of us with big legs. I have big legs and I would just like more info on what I'm purchasing before I go through with it. It feels like a buyer beware kinda thing. Anyways, the tights I have bought in the past, lime green and bkack have been fabulous but I have no idea what kind of fabric/material they're made of.
By Anny on 2/26/2020
It’s hard to find colorful nylons.
By Buck on 2/19/2020
I first heard about welovecolors from cosplay and had been fed up with tights/nylons from the past. I bought a pair of the nylon/spandex tights and was amazed with the quality. i was a little concerned about the sizing as it seemed very general in regard to my height, (I’m 5’1, 115lbs) but ended up getting a medium. The material was thick, but not too thick like other brands. Even after washing, the tights were in the same condition as they arrived. I was also surprised to find that the material seemed to repel most pet hair (probably spandex). I love the diversity we love colors has for their customers and community, support all genders and sizes. They even recognized that many cosplayers who created arm socks from the tights and later launched long sleeved gloves of their own, making them more accessible for them. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good pair of tights that will definitely last and especially for cosplayers or Halloween enthusiasts because of the great range in colors.
By Natalie on 1/27/2020
What can say? I love colors too. And I love nylon socks, the ankle socks particularly. And my very new favorite thing is having a drawer-full of sheer anklets, they are perfect for adding a pop of color. Also, the anklets come in a sweet little envelope, which makes them the cutest little gifts when you need a bunch of something. I am adding one to a holiday card this year for all the ladies in the office.
By LindaLovesSocks on 12/12/2019
The socks come in all colors, and the fabric they use is exactly what I like my socks to be made from. The nylon socks are just right, not too thick and not too thin. They go nicely in all sorts of footwear from boots to loafer to slides. I just discovered the sheer anklets-they go perfectly with all kinds of new styles of shoes and I love the pop of color they bring to my outfits. And the price is nice!
By LindaLovesSocks on 12/1/2019
Their products are absolute top notch quality. I only with they had more nylon/spandex blends. They have a fair amount of products that are 100% Nylon, which in my experience can be a bit constricting if the sizing isn't spot on.
By joeb99 on 11/14/2019
I wish it was more clear about what the difference is between the kinds of tights. I chose the nylon but have no idea how it is different from the microfiber. Perhaps I just didn't read thoroughly enough but I tried. I wish it was more obvious.
By accordiongal on 10/28/2019