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I really love the great selection of products and especially all the color options! There isn’t any better site for finding a comprehensive collection colors for bodysuits and gloves. The products are reasonably priced and there are photos and info for every product as well.
By - on 12/29/2019
I recommend we love colors to everyone! I do wish sizing was more consistent, you really have to read the size charts for each product. And a few colors always seem to be dyed to order. It’s only a few days more, but I have a tendency to not order those products. Nice quality for a fair price = good value. And fantastic color selection. Can you get a bodysuit with snaps please? I have to get them added.
By Online Shopper on 12/29/2019
I'm very happy with the wide color selection and size selection in tights. The bodysuits do not have as wide of a size selection. Also, if their standards have stayed the same their tights last forever.
By Diamond on 11/19/2019
They have tights, gloves, bodysuits, etc. in a variety of colors. I am doing an orc costume and I didn't want to paint my whole body green so this seemed like a good option. I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to be colorful. :)
By Angel on 10/17/2019
I was curious about the microfiber socks, I just wish there were pics and reviews
By J on 10/10/2019
I was recommended We Love Colors to buy a bodysuit to substitute body paint when dressing up as characters that have non-human colored skin. I'm very impressed by the selection of colors and clothing options, as well as the ease of finding products.
By Tina on 9/14/2019
You need a wide variety of colors of a bodysuit for cosplay? That's we love colors. Easy to navigate and huge selection of colors and sizes.
By Online Shopper on 5/7/2019
Everything was so comfy! I was worried the bodysuit or shorts would be seethrough or wouldn't fit me because I'm curvy but they fit beautifully and have lots of stretch to them. I can wear black underwear and it doesnt show through.
By Max on 1/11/2019
We love colors seems like an honest business that is enthusiastic about their product and how much their customers like their socks and things. I saw a plus sized model show a bodysuit and was intrigued and bought one for myself. Still awaiting it but excited. Will recommend to a friend.
By Marisa on 11/26/2018
A very well known cosplayer that I follow uses We Love Colors bodysuits for her costume bases. I wanted some good quality, opaque, colored tights for autumn/winter, so I decided to give We Love Colors a try!
By Hypocrissy on 10/22/2018
I would recommend we love colors. It is used in the cosplay community for bodysuits and I’ve heard the quality is good. The shipping is also cheap which is something I like.
By Tori on 10/1/2018